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Friends Trivia Questions and Answers

1.The arrangement Friends is set in which city?

•           Los Angeles

•           New York City

•           Miami

•           Seattle

2. What pet did Ross own?

•           A canine named Keith

•           A bunny called Lancelot

•           A monkey named Marcel

•           A reptile named Alistair

3. What is Monica gifted at?

•           Bricklaying

•           Cooking

•           American football

•           Singing

4. Monica quickly dates extremely rich person Pete Becker. Which nation does he take her for their first date?

•           France

•           Italy

•           England

•           Greece

5. Rachel was famous in secondary school. Her prom date Chip discarded her for which young lady at school?

•           Sally Roberts

•           Amy Welsh

•           Valerie Thompson

•           Emily Foster

6. What’s the name of the 1950s-themed coffee shop where Monica filled in as a server?

•           Marilyn and Audrey

•           Twilight Galaxy

•           Moon dance Diner

•           Marvin’s

7. What’s the name of Joey’s penguin?

•           Snowflake

•           Waddle

•           Huggsy

•           Bobber

8. Which animation character was on Phoebe’s canteen that Ursula tossed under a transport?

•           Pebbles Flintstone

•           Yogi Bear

•           Judy Jetson

•           Bullwinkle

9. What’s the name of Janice’s first spouse?

•           Gary Litman

•           Sid Goralnik

•           Rob Baily stock

•           Nick Layster

10. What melody is Phoebe most popular for?

•           Smelly Cat

•           Smelly Dog

•           Smelly Rabbit

•           Smelly Worm

11. What occupation does Ross have?

•           Paleontologist

•           Artist

•           Photographer

•           Insurance sales rep

12. What does Joey never share?

•           His books

•           His data

•           His food

•           His DVDs

13. What is Chandler’s center name?

•           Muriel

•           Jason

•           Kim

•           Zachary

14. Which Friends character plays Dr. Drake Ramoray on the show Days Of Our Lives?

•           Ross Geller

•           Pete Becker

•           Eddie Menuek

•           Joey Tribbiani

15. Who was Chandler’s TV magazine consistently routed to?

•           Chanandler Bong

•           Chanandler Bang

•           Chanandler Bing

•           Chanandler Beng

16. What is Janice well on the way to state?

•           Talk to the hand!

•           Get me an espresso!

•           Oh… my… God!

•           No way!

17. What’s the name of the irritable individual who works at the bistro?

•           Herman

•           Gunther

•           Frasier

•           Eddie

18. Who sang the Friends subject?

•           The Banksys

•           The Rembrandts

•           The Constables

•           The Da Vinci Band

19. What sort of uniform does Joey wear to Monica and Chandler’s wedding?

•           Chef

•           Soldier

•           Fire contender

•           A baseball player

20. What are Ross and Monica’s folks called?

•           Jack and Jill

•           Philip and Holly

•           Jack and Judy

•           Margaret and Peter

21. What is the name of Phoebe’s modify conscience?

•           Phoebe Neeby

•           Monica Bing

•           Regina Phalange

•           Elaine Benes

22. What is the name of Rachel’s Sphynx feline?

•           Baldy

•           Mrs. Whiskerson

•           Sid

•           Felix

23. At the point when Ross and Rachel were “on a break, “Ross laid down with Chloe. Where accomplishes she work?

•           Xerox

•           Microsoft

•           Domino’s

•           Bank of America

24. Chandler’s mother had a fascinating profession and significantly additionally intriguing affection life. What’s her name?

•           Priscilla Mae Galway

•           Nora Tyler Bing

•           Mary Jane Blaese

•           Jessica Grace Carter

25. Monica and Chandler met on Thanksgiving in 1987. She sought after her vocation as a gourmet expert since Chandler praised her on which dish?

•           Green bean goulash

•           Meatloaf

•           Stuffing

•           Macaroni and cheddar

Composed Questions

26. What number of seasons did the arrangement have?

27. Rachel becomes purchaser collaborator at which retail establishment in season 3?

28. Monica dated one of her folks’ companions. What was his name?

29. What is Richard’s activity?

30. In which city did Ross and Rachel get hitched toward the finish of season 5?

31. In season seven, Rachel meets an alluring new associate at Polo Ralph Lauren. They are compelled to keep their resulting relationship mystery from their chief. What was his name?

32. It was uncovered at her commemoration administration that Estelle just had one other customer, and he ate paper. What was his name?

33. What is the name of the neighbor who lives beneath Monica and Rachel, frequently heard slamming his broomstick against the roof?

34. What is the name of the understudy Ross dates in season six where Ross is at first worried for his profession until he gets her humiliated dad Paul before the mirror?

35. What is the name of Phoebe’s once uncovered companion who she needs to set up with Ross in season 3’s ‘The One with the Ultimate Fighting Champion’?

36. Which expression does Ross guarantee to have developed in ‘The One with the Mugging’?

37. What is the name of the individual scientist Ross dates in season 10?

38. In which city do Monica and Chandler Bing go through a night together in season 4?

39. Who does Phoebe wed in season 10?

40. What number of bombed relationships does Ross have during the arrangement?

41. What number of classes does Monica have for her towels?

42. What body part does Phoebe find inside a container of pop?

43. Who sets up Phoebe and Mike?

44. What is the name of Ross’ first spouse?

45. What is the epithet Monica’s father gives her?

46. What was the name of Chandler’s psycho flat mate?

47. In the scene where the pack goes to Barbados, Monica and Mike play a round of ping-pong. Who scores the triumphant point?

48. Who peed on Monica when she got stung by a jellyfish?

49. What was the name of Rachel’s youth canine?

50. Who did Phoebe think her granddad was?


1. New York City

2. A monkey named Marcel

3. Cooking

4. Italy

5. Amy Welsh

6. Moondance Diner

7. Huggsy

8. Judy Jetson

9. Gary Litman

10. Rotten Cat

11. Scientist

12. His food

13. Muriel

14. Joey Tribbiani

15. Chanandler Bong

16. Goodness… my… God!

17. Gunther

18. The Rembrandts

19. Trooper

20. Jack and Judy

21. Regina Phalange

22. Mrs. Whiskerson

23. Xerox

24. Nora Tyler Bing

25. Macaroni and cheddar

26. 10

27. Bloomingdales

28. Richard

29. Ophthalmologist

30. Las Vegas

31. ‘Tag’ Jones

32. Al Zebooker

33. Mr. Harasses

34. Elizabeth

35. Bonnie

36. Got Milk?

37. Charlie

38. London

39. Mike Hannigan

40. 3

41. 11

42. A thumb

43. Joey

44. Ditty

45. Little Harmonica

46. Eddie

47. Mike

48. Chandler

49. LaPoo

50. Albert Einstein

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