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How to Make Learning Fun for Kids

When your kids reach the age where their preschool begins, you are often terrified when you think about being separated from them. It’s the time for them to begin learning new things and enter the formal education system without you by their side. So, you need to ensure that your kids are ready for this by offering them a home-based fun learning environment. This will not only help them build a curiosity and love for learning but also excitement for a new journey. So, how can you make the learning fun?

Hands-on Learning Activities

Activities that instill a feeling of learning in kids while offering a source of interest and excitement, should be included. Some kids love cars, some love dolls, some love Lego and others might be more physically active. No matter the activity, you need to find ways to teach them new things every time you execute the activity. This will make them excited to play and learning would be a bonus. A Play School in Abu Dhabi follows a curriculum that bases the entire learning process on the hands-on practice. This has yielded tremendous results in kids’ thinking process.

Initiating Play Leads Process

When your child is leading you towards the right set of learning sources, then learning automatically proves to be fun. Let your child lead you towards their interests in activities, topics, and other modes so that when you teach them, they will actually take a genuine interest out of curiosity and love for that activity. At times, you can even turn your daily chores into fun activities while teaching them to work with you. This can be highly beneficial if you know about your child being truly invested in your house work.

Play on Colors and Brightness

It is very important to do something to catch your kid’s attention. One way is to make some things stand out by putting in sharper and brighter colors. Making use of water colors would be great as it is definitely louder than most other colors. In fact, your activities with your kids should include brightly colored cards or markers to make it more exciting. For example, teaching them about right and left can be done using bright colored sign boards on both sides. You can then ask the child to confirm which color is on right and which is on left. To make it more physical you can get your child to run and touch the respective boards as an answer. This would indeed be a fun activity to make them learn.

Prove its fun by Having Fun

What your kids need is another person to be equally involved. If you are invested in some activity and having fun yourself, your child too becomes excited and starts having fun. So, it is quite necessary to be a role model and show how much fun learning is. Your kids would follow your example and gradually become invested in learning as well. You can begin this with small chores like putting toys in their right places, picking up clothes and shoes from the floor and so on. Try to do this yourself with a song playing in the background and swaying along with it. It’s a guarantee your kid would try to follow you.

Games for Learning

Your kids love games. So, how can you find suitable games to make your kids love it? Well you build it yourself. At times when you know what your kids love, you can make up games to get them, interested. You can even turn a game into something you find can be more learning based. 

An Educator who loves to Educate, educates kids to love learning.

An educator is not only your school teachers and staff but also your parents, grandparents and siblings. Every thing you do bring out a set of learning modes. The same thing is true for your kids. What they do, how they do and when they do, all provides some sort of learning in a way. All you need is to take an initiative to increase that learning process so that it affects your kids positively in terms of building enthusiasm and interest. Montessori Nurseries in Abu Dhabi is one such preschool that follows the curriculum that promotes fun learning from its core. The preschool studies the students’ reactions to activities and judge their preferences to make them more frequent as a high form learning method. 

Therefore, fun learning begins with the idea and zeal for having fun. Are you ready to have some fun learning in your kids’ routine?

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