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9 Major Features of GEC Burnaby Heights for Students in Vancouver

Vancouver is a prominent city in western Canada and is located in the lower mainland region of British Columbia. The city is prestigious because of the universities like the University of British Columbia (UBC) and Simon Fraser University. So, the rush of indigenous and international students can be witnessed in this city.

Student accommodation Vancouver is the utmost requirement of the individuals who visit here from other countries for study purposes. Vancouver is not behind any global city in providing the perfect places for student housing.

There are different types of accommodations being popular in Vancouver today. Student apartments are one of the perfect accommodation types highly popular among the students who visit this city. Some properties are offering world-class apartments to the students.

One of the apartment-based accommodations available in Vancouver is GEC Burnaby Heights, where the students can find various facilities that fulfill their basic as well as luxury needs of the students.

You can read some of the major aspects of GEC Burnaby Heights below and can make up your mind about selecting it as your place for accommodation.

Major Aspects of GEC Burnaby Heights

  1. Types of Apartments

This is an apartment-based accommodation, and it offers three types of apartments, among which you can choose as per your requirements. Below mentioned ones are the apartments that are offered to the students.

  • Shared Bedroom with Shared Bathroom
  • Single Bedroom with Shared Bathroom
  • One Bedroom Apartment

These apartments comprise most of the amenities required by the present-day students.

  1. Excellent Dining

Some excellent dining arrangements can be found in the kitchens of the apartments in GEC Burnaby Heights. Here, you get the arrangements for cooking and heating the meals, cooling the water, keeping the eatables fresh, freezing the ice, and washing the dishes.

The major things available inside the kitchens, which accomplish the above-mentioned purposes, are:

  • Cooking Hob
  • Microwave
  • Refrigerator
  • Dishwasher
  1. Fitness Arrangement for the Students

Fitness is necessary for the students for keeping their minds and bodies healthy. Therefore, the fitness arrangement is also done in many properties in Vancouver. You find a gym at GEC Burnaby Heights also.

The gym is fully equipped with modern workout machines. These machines allow the students to stay fit, keep their bodies active & in shape and fulfill their ambition of bodybuilding.

  1. Arrangement for Meeting Other Residents of the Property

Socialization is necessary for every person. It is especially essential for the students since they need to explore a lot of things now.

Therefore, a common area has been provided to the students at this property. In the common area, residents of the property can meet each other. By doing this, they can make new friends. Besides, meeting others may also help the students in sharing the study notes. The residents can help each other in their studies.

  1. Wi-Fi Internet Connection Is Also Available for All the Online Tasks

A large number of tasks are accomplished online in the present scenario. Online shopping, communication through email & real-time apps, social media involvement, entertainment via online videos, and a lot of other tasks are accomplished through the internet in the present scenario.

For students, the internet becomes more important today due to various reasons. They can attend online classes, get online text & video tutorials, complete their projects & assignments, and can do a lot more.

Understanding all these study as well as general requirements, a Wi-Fi connection has been provided in this property. Students can connect their laptops, tablets & smartphones through Wi-Fi. The Wi-Fi connection is inclusive of bills.

  1. Storage Spaces for Keeping Different Assets

Different types of storage spaces are available for the students to keep different assets. In the apartments students find wardrobes to keep their clothes. Besides, there are some other storage spaces to keep other entities.

In the property, there is also a bicycle storage space, where the students can keep their bicycles safely.

  1. Television for Entertainment, News, and Information

Students can get entertained in their spare time with televisions available in their apartments. Besides, they can be updated with the latest news and can get various types of information through this source.

The students can watch entertainment channels, news channels, music channels, sports channels, discovery channels, and more on television.

  1. Heating Arrangement for Winter Season

To keep the room warm in the winter season, there are heating arrangements in all the apartments. The heating facility is inclusive of bills.

  1. Security Features Like CCTV Cameras and Secure Door Entry

Security is an utmost need in every property. CCTV cameras are installed in GEC Burnaby Heights for detecting all the suspicious activities. Besides, secure door entry is also provided to the students.

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Final Thoughts

GEC Burnaby Heights is unquestionably a perfect place to stay for the international students in Vancouver. The accommodation can be booked here through any of the online options among which websites of student accommodation service providers are considered as the best ones.