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The 2021 Gemstone Trends You need to follow

Do you think women still believe in wearing their exclusive jewelry on special occasions only? Because if you think so, then we need to tell you that it has been changed now. They have proudly chosen to complement their style with precious jewelry on an everyday basis. Women all over the world are upgrading their personalities with updated jewelry collections. But with changing trends, it becomes a difficult task for them to pick the best and flaunt. So here’s a relaxation guide for all gemstone jewelry lovers!

So, as an authentic wholesale gemstone jewelry manufacturer and supplier based in India, we are successfully serving the quest of our ever-growing clients. And you will undoubtedly adore the quality and wonderful benefits of these trending gemstones. Recent times have seen a tremendous shift in gemstones’ demands, and here we have the list of some admirable and highest demanding stones of 2021. Let’s quickly dive into them!


A popular Magical stone with praiseworthy properties is completely high in demand. Moonstone has derived its power from the Moon, and such underlying energies protect you from the world’s negativity and evil spirits. It has maintained the standard of quality designs in terms of presenting it in different relatable shapes, be it in man’s face or related to nature. The blue sheen and the opaqueness of moonstone help revitalize the whole inner spirit; altogether, we can call it a complete package of beauty and power.

Wear this beauty in the form of a moonstone ring, moonstone pendant, moonstone necklace, and keep it close to you. But one thing you need to make sure and keep in mind is the cleanliness of it. All you have to do is to simply wash it with some warm water and gently wipe it off with a dry cloth. And you are ready to shine bright like the Moon in your lovely moonstone. If you follow trends religiously, then you can’t deny wearing moonstone in 2021.


Experience the joy of perfection with Turquoise jewelry. Lately, it has gained a lot of popularity due to its magical effect and unique shades. The ability to make a difference in your look with versatility in its style is something that makes it a go-to option for the everyday hustle. It helps you achieve the perfect party look, vintage look, formal look, casual look, and almost all.

The sacredness of Turquoise jewelry gives you the power to balance your life, regain your lost health and turn tables in your favor. The color of Turquoise comes in a variety of shades, ranging from light blue, deep blue, bluish-green, dark green, leaf green, yellowish-green, and sea green. Pick the turquoise jewelry to elevate your comfort with class and become the trendiest women in your group!


The Larimar stones are highly appreciated for their flawless beauty and unmatched charm. Do you know what makes it the best choice for you? It is the mesmerizing blue color and stunning patterns along with the magnetic healing properties. The rarity of Larimar is such that no two stones look similar to each other, and all of them hold a unique identity which makes it a one-of-a-kind choice for you. This precious gemstone is surprisingly found only in the Dominican Republic.

Larimar is an excellent everyday wearable stone and a true reflection of the sky, earth, and sea because of its two primary white and blue colors. This stone effectively heals all your physical and mental health issues and helps you transform your life in the most significant way. Pick the Larimar jewelry to walk hand in hand with the trend!

Ethiopian Opal

A beauty from the land of Ethiopia has captured the eyeballs from everywhere. This spectacular stone is well versed in bringing you all the goodness in life. Opal has playfulness in its color, which showcases the rainbow effect in one stone. There are a variety of opals, which are subjected to heal various health problems in their own unique way. But one has remained constant throughout its journey, which is the demand for Opal that has never gone down because of its extraordinary attributes.

Opal is highly recommended for Scorpio and Libra due to its magnificent spiritual properties, which align best with babies born in these zodiac signs. It is best to wear Opal in the form of a Sterling Silver opal ring, opal pendants, and any form of Opal jewelry. Moreover, it will raise the bar of trends in 2021.


A peculiar creation formed in the heat of an asteroid effect. You might now know, but it has many shades ranging from pale green, olive green, brownish-green to forest green. Moldavite is originated from the vltavin river near the Czech republic and appreciated worldwide for its beautiful colors, size, texture, and shape. A stone that has gained prominence in the small time frame is also known as

“Bouteille or vltavín stone.” This age-old beauty is collected in the rawest forms and considered one of the most alluring gemstones in 2021 and for many more years ahead. 

You can blindly trust the spectacular spiritual properties of this stone, which makes it a perfect choice for your health. Or you can call it your better half for life, who helps you achieve success, guides you in the darkest times, and saves you like a knight in the shining armor by effectively keeping all the negative influences away from you. And be ready to slay this year!

We, at Rananjay Exports, are happy to announce that we have heard your demands and are now on our way to bring you stunning Jewelry according to the prevailing trends of 2021. Now you no longer have to invest your precious time in finding precious jewelry because we have mentioned some of the exquisite and trending gemstones. And this will surely help you pick the best from the rest, and you will be ready to slay like a queen. We hope our alluring craft and information reach out to you in the most convenient way!

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