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Give your next party the best setting and conditions

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udlejning af telt

udlejning af telt has a large selection of party tents, wooden floors, plastic floors, oblong and round tables, chairs with and without upholstery, tableware, fabric pigeon, gas heaters and Pick up from us.

Party tents for all occasions

We have a large selection of party tents, toilet carts, wooden floors, plastic floors, oblong and round tables, chairs with and without upholstery, glass, tableware, dust dove, gas heaters and much more. You can also order draft beer systems with kegs from Randers brewery, popcorn machines, soft ice cream and slush ice machines.

We do the dishes

All you have to do is rinse the service off before you put it back in the trays, and we will do the dishes.

Rent a party tent for your party

A party tent is a really good solution for those who want to hold a party. The party tent is extremely mobile and can almost be placed where you want it. At udlejning af telt, we can help you designate a practical location for your party tent.

It may seem practical to rent a party tent if, for example, you experience a lack of space or for other reasons may find it more practical to place the party in a party tent.

Party tent kicks off the party

There is nothing better than good opportunities to be social. By renting a party tent, a cozy area is created for the guests and depending on the size of the party tent and the need, there is also the opportunity to dance, or whatever else you associate with a good party.

Of course, we have also made sure that the safety of the party tents is in order. All our party tents are made by approved manufacturers, because we make sure that the quality is in order, so your party will be better than expected.

Rental of tables and chairs

When you hold a party, of course, there must also be something that the guests can sit on. We offer rental of tables and chairs at reasonable prices. Sometimes the event is a little bigger than what you have chairs for, so it is a really good idea to rent tables and chairs in high quality, but which are also well suited to their purpose. One thing is for sure, when you decide to rent tables and chairs from us, they will form the gathering point for your party.

Tables and chairs for all events

We experience that our customers rent tables and chairs for many different purposes. The truth is that our tables and chairs can be rented for many different purposes. Someone may need to rent tables and chairs in connection with confirmation, where many guests often have to be accommodated. It can also be renting tables and chairs in connection with weddings, where there may be even more guests than for a confirmation. Here it is of course also important that the tables and chairs are in good quality, as you often have to sit down in connection with dining, etc. We have of course made sure that the tables and chairs we offer are in the best possible quality, so your guests comes to sit comfortably.

With us, you have the opportunity to rent service at a reasonable price. We offer you a wide range of different types of service, where you can of course choose what you are missing.

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