Know The Development Process And Benefits Of Gojek Clone Script For Your Multi Service Business

Everybody wants to earn easy and quick money. But, only a few know how they can earn it without sweating. If you are reading this blog, then my fellow readers, you are going to discover the quickest way to make your first BILLION! Developing Gojek Clone App will let you gain instant entry into the market with some of the world-class features and 70+ On-Demand Services to offer on just one Digital Platform. 

Think about the PROFITS you can earn! 

Let’s jump to the part where I will share some topmost benefits of the On Demand Multi-Serivce App Gojek Clone – KINGX 2022. But first, learn what KINGX is. 


It is the decade’s most perfect App or let’s call it the Super App that offers more than 70 On-Demand Services combined with an array of Features. These are no ordinary Features or Services for that matter. 

Its exclusive services include the two very popular ones, Online Video Consultation and Service Bidding. In Online Video Consultation, the User can consult with Doctors, Academic Tutors, Lawyers, Fitness Coaches, and even Astrologers. 

In Service Bidding, on the other hand, all the Service Providers registered with Gojek Clone can place a bid for a Job Task posted by the User. These Job Posts usually involve tasks for handymen such as fixing the furniture, painting the home, installing lighting, or installing new faucets. 


These are some intriguing benefits of opting for and launching this Pre-Built, Mature, Market-Tested, and Fully-Functional App. 

  1.  Lets your customers schedule their services 

Your Customers can Schedule a Service if they want to get the job done at a later date or time. Besides booking an instant service, the option for scheduling comes with the choice of selecting a preferred date and time from the In-App Calendar. 

  1. Gives your customers the assurance COVID-FREE Services 

Not surprising, but yes, your customers are still petrified of the Coronavirus. Therefore, they look out for platforms that offer them safe and sanitized services. Gojek Clone with its numerous Corona-Related Features like Safety Badges, Face Mask Verification, Safety Packaging, Ride Cancellation, etc. assure that customers can freely and happily depend on these services to satisfy their needs. 

  1. Let your customers pay online 

A majority of the customers shopping online and even offline prefer paying via their Credit Cards or In-App Wallets rather than hard cash. Luckily, the App supports multiple online payment methods supported by your preferred payment gateway. In short, payment via your App is safe and secure as every transaction is processed under the eyes of your country’s payment gateway companies!


  • First, Try the Demo Apps for FREE for as long as you want to. 
  • Two, Discuss and get your Apps Customized by the White-Labeling Experts. 
  • Three, Check and Approve the Apps uploaded on the Development Server of the White-Labeling Firm.
  • And Four, Launch the App on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 


It takes only a couple of minutes to send a mail or straight away contact Industry Experienced and a Globally Reputed Firm. So, don’t wait up! Try the Gojek Clone Demo Apps today and place an order for your own 100% Customized App! 

Go Live with the App in just 1 – 2 weeks and see profits raking in right from day 1 you enter the market.