Features & Components of the Gojek like App with their Development Cost in Thailand

The world of On-Demand Applications keep evolving every single year, making it challenging for the entrepreneurs in Thailand to survive the competition;

Thereby, businesses need to keep pace when developing an app like Gojek to stay competitive. To make your position more potent in this competitive market, you require a robust Gojek Clone KingX 2022.

Why Gojek Clone App Is Called Super App?

A Gojek App Clone brings together more than 70 providers in one place.

This All in One Super App ensures a customer-centric strategy for increased revenue generation and streamlines business administration with comprehensive solution support.

It covers all of the Gojek-like app development options that your business needs to succeed as a full-fledged on-demand service provider in today’s market.

The GoJek clone script enables your on-demand business to efficiently meet consumer expectations, comparable to Gojek. It enables seamless integration, safe and easy authentication, improved user experience, total system control, and other consumer benefits, in addition to providing excellent services.

Gojek Clone – New Features & Components Makes Life Easier

It includes over 70 services, ranging from cab booking to grocery to on-demand services, all in one app.

Let’s understand the New Features and Components by using an example here:

Lucy is a working mother who owns and operates her own marketing/branding firm in London. As an entrepreneur, she frequently has to wear numerous hats. Her work-life balance was good, though, because she had a full-time nanny for her daughter.

The outbreak, on the other hand, threw the balance off. She had no alternative but to work from home with her husband. Things began to pile up without somebody to help with the household responsibilities, affecting both professional and personal lives.

The Gojek Clone App makes all of this possible. Lucy was able to hire a babysitter for a few hours, connect with On-Demand Maid Cleaning Services with a few taps, buy food and have groceries delivered to her door, and more using the app.

The App, which worked as Lucy’s “Personal Assistant,” took care of everything. In addition, when she wants to get to the office, she will use Gojek Clone Taxi Booking Services to order a taxi. In a few minutes, a cab comes at her door to take her to her destination. The best thing about taking an Uber or a taxi is that they follow “Safety Protocols” and COVID19 safety features including face mask verification, safety checks, and passenger limit limitations.

The day went by with a sigh of relief, and all she had to do was ship a birthday present to a friend who lived in another city. She promptly launched the Gojek Clone App and filed the request under the “Parcel Delivery” section, which took care of the delivery of her package.

It’s challenging to work from home, a family, and spend time with your family at the same time. It requires juggling multiple responsibilities. All thanks to Gojek Clone Application 2022.

Lucy has benefited from the On-Demand Multi-service App in a variety of ways. It’s a blessing to have the app on your phone.

Progressive Components of Gojek Clone 2022

Online video consultation

Doctors, personal academic tutors, yoga instructors and fitness coaches, lawyers, psychiatrists, and even astrologers can now be scheduled for immediate online video consultation sessions! Money is automatically deducted from the Users’ Pre-Saved Credit Card after the session ends.

In order to use this service, users must pay the Consultation Fee with In-App Wallet Money or Cash.

The professional can even Text the User using the In-App Chat Feature before starting the Video Call. The Industry Expert can even decline the urgent Online Video Call if it interferes with their existing schedule.

Bid for Service

On a Gojek-like app, the user can make a job request and obtain Real-Time Bids from handymen such as electricians, plumbers, painters, home cleaners, and sanitising and disinfecting professionals.

All that is required of the user is to fill out a form with the following information:

Budget Task Requested Specific Details Task Requested Category Service Location/Residential Address Date & Time Preferences

After that, the user must press the “POST” button. The Task is successfully posted, and all appropriate Service Providers in the User’s Locality receive an invitation. Now it’s up to the User to wait for interested Service Providers to submit an offer and begin the bidding or virtual negotiating process.

What Do You Get When You Buy Gojek Clone 2022

  • Seamless installation
  • Saving device storage and power
  • Lessened support and overall development expenses
  • Smooth updating and maintenance
  • Faster launch to the market
  • Flexibility and scalability

The Cost Of Developing Gojek Like Application

What platform will your Gojek clone app run on? Around 73 percent of smartphone users use Android, while the number of iOS users is enormous. As a result, the answer to this question is contingent on your financial situation.

You can only present your app to a limited market if you choose a single platform for development. However, if you want to expand your app’s reach while keeping your price in check, multi-platform development is the way to go.

Some things must be considered while determining an anticipated budget for Gojek like App.  Following are the elements contribute to your Super App becoming a market-ready product with a great return on investment.

  • OS
  • Costs associated with planning and development
  • Maintenance and upgradation cost

In Conclusion

If you are a startup or already have a business and want to invest in the on-demand economy, purchasing a Gojek Clone App and rebranding it as your own can be a great idea.

Customers will enjoy a terrific user experience with on-demand services in a single application built on cutting-edge technologies. As a result, it is expected that all-in-one services would become popular and will be the bright future of the global economy. Get in touch with Gojek Clone App Development Company to discuss your project if you’re thinking about entering this lucrative market in Thailand.