Green Cosmetics: The Pathway To Sustainable Beauty

The clamor for goods and services which provide or use “green” products has steadily increased over the past decade. Because of the public interest attached to achieving a more sustainable lifestyle, as well as the hashtags that we see every day on our social media feeds (#organic, #ecofriendly, #vegan, etc.), one may think that green cosmetics are nothing but cosmetics trying to ride on this trend’s popularity.

However, with the cosmetics market taking a serious stand on sustainability, there’s more than enough evidence to prove that this isn’t just a fad.

What are green cosmetics?

At first glance, green cosmetics may come to some as those products manufactured with the intent of protecting the environment and with natural ingredients. So, are green cosmetics synonymous with “organic” or “vegan”? Not exactly. For a cosmetic to be classified as green, it must not only incorporate ingredients from plants and use renewable raw materials, it must be manufactured and packed using ways that are non-destructive to the environment. It cannot claim to be green if the item you ordered came to your door in plastic packaging, which is the most common packaging used in the market right now.

In a nutshell, green cosmetics provide incredible benefits not just to our skin, but also to our planet.

Why switch to green beauty products?

1.     Green cosmetics brands promote transparency

Green cosmetics don’t lie about the ingredients they use in their products. Because cosmetic companies take pride in producing green cosmetics, they make sure that customers know what goes on their skin. You wouldn’t have to wonder if you’re using coconut oil or synthetic oil as part of your bedtime routine because just by reading the label of your green moisturizer, you’d have a bird’s eye view of what goes on and under your skin.

2.     Green cosmetics take care of your skin plus the planet

Green cosmetics treat your skin like that of a baby. It is not a state secret that plant-based products are not just more gentle, but are also capable of giving your skin long-lasting results. Because the ingredients are less abrasive, the effects might take longer to appear compared to synthetic cosmetics. But green cosmetics have been proven to be safer for our overall well-being. As a bonus, you’re not just being kinder to your skin but to planet Earth as well.

3.     Green cosmetics are cost-efficient

A myth surrounding the products classified as green is that they are always more expensive. However, when you take into consideration how effectively they work, you might be in for a surprise as to how cost-efficient green cosmetics are. For example, compared to the typical ones that are widely found in stores,  alcohol-free makeup wipes don’t dry your skin as much. Because of this, you could end up skipping on the other cosmetics that you normally would have to use to remedy your dry skin. Another example is that using green cosmetics won’t clog your pores as much and hence, they will help you save money that could have gone to extra facial treatments.

Key Takeaway: Let’s Go Green

As we continue to learn the full impact of synthetic cosmetics on our skin, more cosmetic manufacturers are motivated to make more sustainable and skin-friendly products. And because more and more consumers are making the switch, we are hopeful that in time, we would have more kinds of green cosmetics available in the market and at more affordable prices.

Going green is not just a one-time thing. It is something that everyone must choose on an everyday basis. While the importance of sustainability is still taking root in most places and aspects of our lives, using green cosmetics would be a step in the right direction for our individual needs as well as the planet’s.

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