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GTmetrix vs PageSpeed Insights vs Pingdom Tools vs WebPageTest: Which Is Best

What do you understand by the speed of a website? The loading of a site in a web browser takes some time. If this time is less, then the speed of the site is high and if the time is more, then the speed is low. In order to determine the number of visitors present on a website, an important role is played by the site speed. It also helps in finding the conversion rates. Sales can drop by 7 % if there is a one-second delay in the loading of a site. There are some tools for testing the speed of a site. These are GTmetrix, PageSpeed Insights, Pingdom Tools and WebPageTest. Now I am going to compare these tools.

  • GTmetrix – For scrutinizing a website’s performance a number of features are present in a tool known as GTmetrix. All HTTP requests, complete page size and loading time of the page are the three metrics which it uses for summarizing the results. When GTmetrix tests an average site then the difference among these three metrics is also shown in the results. For evaluating the results, you can use some critical parameters known as YSlow tabs and the page speed. Redirects and number of requests are important. Along with these, for determining the rank, an important role is played by the image optimization and request size.
  • PageSpeed Insights – A tab for desktop and a tab for mobile are shown in the PageSpeed Insights. For improving your score, you can get specific action items from the tool. It is possible to know the problems of your site after doing an analysis and getting a number of tips is also possible with the use of PageSpeed Insights after performing the tests. The tool provides perfect action items but it does not provide full customizing facility. Server location and connection throttling are some parameters that you can’t specify with it. Also, the tool does not report these parameters. There are no chances of tracking test results by creating an account with the use of this tool. You have to manually run each test and it is the only available option.
  • Pingdom – Here you have to provide a place for the test server after entering a URL in the Pingdom Tools. Each continent will give you a single or two choices. You can review the results after completing the tests. “Requests by content type” and “Content size by content type” are the tool’s very useful blocks. Your results can be greatly impacted by the content’s source and its type. Exploring these is possible with the blocks as mentioned above.
  • WebPageTest – Usually default values are used for running advanced settings in a normal test. The website’s complete optimization checklist is shown in a tab for reviewing the performance. The website’s performance can be affected by certain parameters. If you want that against these parameters the listing down and stacking of resources need to be done then the tab for reviewing the performance can help you a lot. The page may have requests and content distribution which can be shown to you by the processing tabs, domain and content breakdown. For finding a problem’s solution you can dig deeper with the help of these tabs. A redirection to the different services is possible with the Request Maps and Image Analysis. If you take interest in assessing the website, then creating custom metrics is possible with the help of WebPageTest.

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