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5 Types Of Hair Extensions For Long And Voluminous Hair

Long, voluminous, and dark hair is always the primary concern of every girl. If you have sleek hair and struggle to style it your desired way, then relax; hair extensions have come your way. Hair extensions are added to your natural hair in the desired length and volume. They can be made of natural or artificial hair and are glued to natural hair. The best hair extensions are safe and look natural. Hair extension comes in various forms and types, such as Tape-in, Sew-in, Microbeads, Fusion Bonds, Weft Hair Extensions Jacksonville, and many more. When you decide to get hair extensions, you need to choose one of several types of hair extensions that best suit your hair type. To choose the best hair extensions for you, learn what the types of hair extensions are. 

1. Weft Hair Extensions

Weft hair extensions are also called clip-in hair extensions. They are simply clipped into your natural hair and look natural. Weft hair extensions are the easiest, quickest, and safest procedure and the best for those looking for a temporary change in their hairstyle. Multiple strands are sewn into your single weft. The length and volume of the strands will depend on your choice. Weft hair extensions are low-maintenance, commitment, and damage free. The service only takes a few minutes, and you can easily wash your hair and style them without worrying about heat and chemical damage.

2. Tape-in Hair Extensions 

Another popular type of hair extension is Tape-in, adhesive strips pasted to the roots of the natural hair using heated glue. Tape-in extensions work in sandwiches, meaning you place a thin strand between two pieces of extensions, and they are glued to the root. The strands are about ⅛ inch, so the adhesive on both sides can bind together through the hair. These are strong enough that they won’t come out if you pull them. The session of tape-in extensions can take 40 minutes to one hour, depending on the length you wish. You can wash and style them directly without worrying about losing the stands. They last for 8-12 weeks, also easy to remove with the help of solvent spray. 

3. Sew-in Hair Extensions

Sew-in hair extensions (or weaves) are the next best type of hair extensions. You do not need to worry anymore if you have sleek or short hair, as sew-in hair extensions can help you. In this process, your natural hair is braided into cornrows, and the extensions are weaved into the braids using needles and threads. The installation takes around two hours, depending on the number of rows you need. Since it is a long and intricate process, the cost may be slightly higher than other hair extensions. Well, sew-in hair extensions are safe and never fall automatically. You can expect to enjoy them for up to 8 to 10 weeks. The best way to keep them long-lasting and strong is to use moisturizing products, such as protein-based products. 

4. Fusion Bonds

If you have frizzy hair and cannot style them in your desired way, fusion bonds are for you. In this procedure, special keratin tips are applied directly to your natural hair. With the help of a heated clamp, the hair extensions are glued to the natural hair. It will give volume and length to short and sleek hair. The best quality fusion hair extensions are durable and last 3-4 months. However, they can irritate some people, but if you get it from the best salon, they will treat you with the best service. Well, this is a cost-effective procedure and a great way to change the style, length, and volume of your hair without damaging it. 

5. Microbeads

Microbeads (or i-Tips) is a unique type of hair extension that uses beads and pliers to clamp the extensions. These beads are usually matched to your hair color, making them easy to blend seamlessly with natural hair. The process of installing the microbeads into the natural hair is simple. There is no heat or glue involved in the installation procedure, and the entire process will take 2-4 hours to give your hair a complete and beautiful look. The microbeads stay up to four months into the natural hair before getting it redone. To keep them in their original shape throughout the duration, you must be gentle while washing, brushing, combing, and styling your hair. 

These are the five most popular types of hair extensions that you can consider for long and voluminous hair. So no more struggling with styling your hair because hair extensions can give your hair the desired look!