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Hair Transplant cure baldness

Can Hair Transplant cure baldness

Baldness! Being bothered by this problem is usual. Despite living the rest of life with this shame consider up-gradation. You need to remember we are in the 21’st century. 

The disbelief: Can Hair Transplant cure baldness leaves so many men in doubt and leads to lifelong regrets. But the reality is beyond this concept. To everyone who distrusts the transplantation results, this guide would be a great help in terms of revealing hidden realities, results, and surely the associated risks. Read ahead.


Slicked hairstyles, genetic issues, hormonal disorders—there could be any reason you might suffer premature baldness. Simply put, whatever the cause, there is only one trusted solution “Hair Transplant in Dubai”. Before you come to any final decision, meet the nearest expert. They can inspect your donor area and medical fitness to ensure the best candidacy.

Important tip: Don’t let baldness hit you all over the scalp. Consider mild hair thinning serious and treat it earlier before it becomes untreatable. 

Can Hair Transplant really Cure Baldness?

The million-dollar question and, one simple answer is YES!

According to a recent study, transplants are proven genuine, trusted cure of baldness. Thousands of people have cured their baldness with transplants including celebrities like Salman Khan, Amitabh, and Sanjay Dutt. The excellent results of this surgery are accepted worldwide so why should one doubt the consequences?

  • Like normal hair, transplanted hair grows within the first four months
  • Fullness in the head is noticeable later one year

How Hair Transplant treat Baldness?

Hair transplant is a logical, therefore natural step against baldness. It restores natural hair growth by using your own hair. This surgery is simple and comfortable. It gets started by extracting hair follicles one by one which is then transplanted on balding area. By using needles, very small holes are made to carry the precise insertion of grafts.

Remember, natural transplantation results are only seen if grafts are placed in the right direction. This delicate placement is beyond the capabilities of an untrained surgeon. Patients are highly advised to carefully choose their doctor before deciding anything final.

Hair Transplant Results 

The patients of hair transplant usually disbelief the results which is of course usual. But with a talented and qualified surgeon, your scalp won’t look like a doll’s head. Results would appear completely natural and therefore amazing.

Important Considerations 

No one can predict reality until you experience it by yourself.

Anyone you will ask about hair transplant results will have their own recommendations and horror stories but you need to do your research by meeting different surgeons. Never focus on negativities always. Consult the trusted clinic near you, meet experts, and then decide further.

Side effects 

Complications, risks, and side effects are the most usual concerns people inquire about. Previously, scarring was the most noted side effect of hair transplant but today it is now surpassed. With modern hair transplants like FUE or DHI, scratching is barely concerned.

Following are some common complications of Hair Transplant:

  • Infection
  • Bleeding
  • Bruising
  • Itching
  • Undesired results
  • Scalp pain

If you want to elude such risks, find a licensed surgeon who is expert enough to give you complication-free results. Hence, it’s better to read reviews first.

Which is better FUE or FUT?

Since transplant can be done in two ways. The choice to come on the final option depends greatly on your hair loss condition and expected results.

FUE is modern, preferred for minor baldness concerns. On the other side, FUT is intricately advised mostly in excess baldness. 

Hardly any men publicize Baldness. Besides, a Hair transplant is truly a personal, private decision. It’s your choice to make it exposed or secreted. But in case if you wish secret transplantation consider FUE. It entails no cuts, no stitches, and no scars. This lets no one find you had any cosmetic surgery.

The cost 

The amount you are going to spend on treating baldness isn’t as high as myths revolve around. Prices are in control. Hair Transplant cost is reported from $3000 to $ 20,000 depending upon the skills of the practitioner and truly the number of grafts required to be harvested.

Patients who suffer excess baldness are expected to pay more as they require more grafts.


Well, it’s not always optimal to conceal hairless scalp with caps and hairstyles when Hair Transplants are so easily accessible. Gone the days when men had to live their whole life bearing silly jokes and puns. Today, cosmetic procedures have grabbed a big boost so that no one could suffer low self-confidence ever.

Even though transplantation reports overall 89% successful, still people inquire “Can Hair Transplant cure Baldness in Dubai? By now, I hope this post helped in clearing your fears.

If your concern is baldness, try a hair transplant.

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