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Here are some requirements for Kenya visa

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Kenya visa requirements

There are specific regulations and policies that the Kenyan government imposes before it gives visas to Kenya. There is specific Kenya visa requirements that foreign visitors have to fulfill before they visit the country. There are approximately 45 countries that don’t need a visa for Kenya, depending on the duration and purpose. Mentioned below are the Kenya visa requirements that you need to fulfill to get a visa for Kenya.

Kenya Visa Requirements:

The Kenya visa cost and requirements may also differ due to the different types of visas. Kenya visa requirements may include certain documents that you need to possess when travelling. These documents would be required to be presented at the border on arrival to Kenya.

Necessary identity Documents: 

Some of the necessary identity documents that applicants are asked to attach is a scanned copy of the applicant’s passport of the biographical page in color. Another document required is passport-style photographs. If submitting online, the format of this photo document should be JPG, Word or PDF. 

Furthermore, you must also possess a passport that needs to be valid for up to six months and has at least one blank page in it. You also need to have return tickets and your hotel confirmation. For your visa for Kenya, you also must provide proof that you have sufficient funds and must possess a print of your e visa at all times.

Requirements for Kenyan tourist visa: 

When you are applying for an electronic Kenya tourist visa, you should make sure that you have a reservation for a hotel beforehand and the necessary documents. It is one of the information required when filling the form to get a visa for Kenya. Along with this accommodation reservation information, you also need to fill in the date of the trip, your flight reservation and travel itinerary

Requirements for Kenya Business Visa:

One of the Kenya visa requirements when visiting Kenya for business purposes is to have an invitation letter. People who are not entering the country primarily for tourism need to obtain this document. It is proof that you are entering the country for legitimate reasons. The good thing is that this particular document is not very hard to obtain. This business invitation letter should be issued by the employer or sponsoring company that the applicant would be working for and should be on printed company letterhead with the reason for the invitation included.

Requirements for Kenya Family visit Visa: 

If you have family in Kenya and you are going to visit them. Then your Kenya visa requirements must include an invitation letter from your host family. You must also possess your identity cards, alien cards, passports, and permits of the host family.


Your Kenya visa requirements may differ depending on your reason for travel. According to your specific reason, you would be required to present certain documents or information. Another thing is to carefully follow the guidelines of what picture is acceptable for your visa application when applying for visas to Kenya. Other than that, applying for a visa has become easy since the introduction of E-visa. However, the Kenya visa cost depends on how early you want it and the purpose of getting the visa.

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