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Are your going to start your online business- Find which hosting provider is best for you – Hostinger or Hostgator

 with websites and web hosting. For the start-up of any website, web hosting is a very basic and important thing that helps in creating a website. But, peoples want web hosting at a very decent price and that user’s easily afforded. So, for very cheap rates another name comes in this list is Hostinger. The cheapest web hosting is Hostinger and many users are going with it. But, if we say Hostinger is best because it offers very cheap rates then it is not fair because Hostgator is offering many plans and services. So, if you are also want to knoWhenever comes on Web Hosting then the name comes on popularity is Hostgator. Normally everyone once hears this name if they connectedw that the Comparison between Hostinger and Hostgator then here we discuss all the differences between those. All the things help you much more in choosing a very perfect web hosting provider. 

Comparison between Hostinger and Hostgator 

The real analysis of Hostinger vs Hostgator are listed below that helps you in choosing a perfect web hosting provider that provides the best services and features. 


  • Hostinger is the cheapest and affordable web hosting available in the market. The company comes in popularity at very little time after its launch in 2007. It provides very genuine pricing and features in which you will get great uptime, fast loading speed, brilliant customer support, and backups on your problem. 
  • All the plans of Hostinger are coming with very cheap prices and offer VPS hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, eCommerce hosting, and Shared hosting. 
  • It provides daily backups and manager control. It offers custom cPanel support with Cloudflare integration. It also offers SSD drives for speed and real-time server monitoring. 
  • Hostinger provides streamlined and automated server development that allows you to integrate with CMS platforms. You can get a one-click installation of many apps and tools that save you time.
  • Hostinger provides a free SSL certificate with the plans and also adds security features. It provides BitNinja in schemes that prevent malware attacks on your website.
  • Hostinger provides multilingual support with the live chat feature. It provides a comprehensive knowledge base that helps you in every problem you have. It also provides email chat support and video instructions. You can get a 99.99% uptime guarantee.


  • Hostgator is a very popular web hosting provider all over the world. It provides very fast speed, unlimited disk space, and customized plans according to the budget of users. It provides a great uptime guarantee, the support team of experts, and backups. 
  • Hostgator offers web hosting for Linux and Windows both. It provides WordPress hosting, Cloud hosting, VPS hosting, Reseller hosting, and dedicated server hosting plans for both Linux and Windows. 
  • It supports PHP and offers cPanel support, unlimited Bandwidth, and backup with MySQL support. 
  • It offers easy integration with CMS platforms like WordPress and others. All the tools and apps are easy to use and install only with one-click. 
  • Hostgator gives you full control over account settings and password security control. It helps you to your applications and software always keep updated that are installed in your system. It also keeps your system always malware-free. 
  • Hostgator provides 24/7 availability of support team that helps you all the time. You can contact Hostgator through live chat, phone call, email ticketing, and many other options. They offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee which is very real for any website. 


All the differences between Hostgator and Hostinger are listed above. If you go with Hostgator then you will already choose a very real web hosting provider and if you go with Hostinger you will get all plans which are very affordable and offer almost all services. So, if you want to make your website in a very pocket-friendly budget, choose Hostinger. Hostinger provides all the services that provide almost all the services and facilities that help you. The uptime guarantee, backups, support team and many other facilities are offering you a very genuine platforms to create and host a website with any of them. So, the best choice from both is never comes with our comparison rather it comes with your website needs. If you choose a web hosting provider that gives all the services and fulfil all the requirements that your website need then it is the best web hosting provider for you.

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