No Time To Hate: Movies Teach Us To Live Life

Movies come and go but there some movie that makes a mark of itself they become a trendsetter or there is no movie like that. If you think of horror then movies like The Conjuring come to your mind. But since the last year, 2020 was so much field with negativity that we cannot stop from searching for movies that will not only entertain but give us motive in life or tell us how life can be lived

All this started from searching movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime which show movies of other than English. Big fan of Bollywood movies. One such movie which caught our attention was 3 Idiots

The Movie That Taught Us To Live

The movie is a story about the 3 friends who have taken admission to a prestigious engineering college so that they can get a high-paying salary job. The lead role is played by Aamir Khan, Kareena Kapoor, R Madhavan, Sharman Joshi, Boman Irani. The story is revolving around all of these 3 friends. At the start of the movie, there is a raging scene where the senior college guys are harshing the juniors. In that scene, one of the juniors pee’s at the door of Aamir Khan’s door that time he uses a spoon attached with electric wire due to which that person gets a shock. That is the entry scene of the Hero. During college time he is happy to go lucky kind of a person. His teacher removes him from the class as he is very argumentative. He goes and sits in any class to upskill his knowledge. There is a dialogue in the movie which says All is well, he says this thing to his heart or mind to calm it down during the tense situation. Also,  there is a scene in a movie where these 3 friends have to delivery of a baby. The female starts getting labor pain but she tries to push the baby but not able to do the delivery of the baby. There is a female doctor is assisting them and watching all this through the webcam. That time there is no light. They use car batteries to make work as an inverter and they light up the room using these car batteries. The female gets tired due to the labor pain and is not able to push the baby out that they use a vacuum cleaner to make a suction pump-like instrument. With help of that, they pull the baby and do successful delivery of the baby.


This movie has a lovely message which says to not just run behind the marks try to love the subject and it would love you back. Every time when you face difficulties in life that same then say to your heart “All is Well”, by saying this we try to fool our mind and heart that situation is normal nothing to worry about. This might not change the situation but it would give us energy and determination and a positive sense of mind to face that problem

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