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Modern and trendy hairstyles: how professionals can turn your hair?

There is something about New Year’s or new seasons that make people hankered to have dramatic change in their physical appearance. The best way to achieve it is by setting a trendy hairstyle.

However, if you don’t want lose any additional strands, then think of dying your hair blond, or swipe your card at the salon to revamp your look. When you go for a makeover with your hair, look for modern and trendy hairstyles recommended by your professional hairstylist. 

Let’s take a look at those haircuts that you can try on your next your visit to a hair salon: 

Short Hair Cuts

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Many celebrities and models wear pixies, short bob, shoulder length curls, etc. to accentuate their face features. Likewise, you can also select one basing on your bone structure of your face. Not all of these are same in cuts, some are different too. But by choosing the right colour, length and texture you can stand out from the crowd. Here are a few examples of pixie short haircuts. 

  • Short layered cut
  • Blonde with baby lights
  • Bob hair cut
  • Shaved undercut
  • Short & shaggy cut
  • Edgy cut for thin hair
  • Colour beautiful blonde with long bangs

Long hair Cuts 

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Long haircuts look slightly messy and nonchalant.They are usually performed on the base of long shag haircuts by adding layers and textures. This haircut is best for women who style their hair with numerous hair accessories, and love to play with their hair. To get a long hair cut styles you can go to your professional hairstylist and ask for the trendiest long haircut style. Here are some which you can ask for

  • U-Cut with swoopy layers
  • Long layers
  • Long V-cut layers
  • Waist-length Brunette hair with textured layers
  • Long hair with subtle layers
  • Long waves

Wedge Haircut for Short & Thin Hair

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This is a popular cut for girls with fine and thin hair that needs a twist or only someone wanting to have a taste of the short hair lifestyle. You can opt for soft and gentle layers for awesome feeling or a super short hair for a cool vibe.

There is definitely astyle for every face and hair type – even for wild curls! Revamp your look with these trendy and modern short wedge haircuts!

  • Wedge haircut with bangs
  • Gorgeous short bob
  • Cool undercut
  • Stacked wedge cut

Showing off the natural texture

Professionals hairstylists agree that it does not just bob that is going to look textured this year, it’s every hairstyle. That’s because it will continue to be on-trend this year. Instead of super-sleek, over-styled hair, you’ll see the more natural texture. Some examples are:

  • French crop
  • Straight lob

Sleek haircut

D:\Kajal Ehub Experts\Guest post\Blogs\sleek haircut.jpg

Girls who want professional look, then the sleek haircut is perfect for them. By wearing a sleek pixie haircut, you can carry a sharp and chic appearance. You can opt for a side part to soften your look to avoid being too bold or striking.

Warm hair colours

D:\Kajal Ehub Experts\Guest post\Blogs\warm hair colour.jpeg

The trendiest hair colour icy platinum blonde had an epic reign among the beauty and fashion, but it seems that it’s finally going to end as warmer hair colours are replacing it. You can go for warm blondes to different shades highlights and many more. There are a lot of hair colours that don’t require much maintenance. 

You must be wondering that how often you should colour your hair, right. It is advised that you should take around four to six weeks between your hair colouring sittings.


While choosing your hairstylist, ensure that they are highly qualified and experienced. Because feeling confident about your hair can turn a bad day into a great day. So, it should suit your face and style to give you confidence and a chic look.  

Author Bio: 

Erika Rhein, a professional writer and blogger by profession. I write on various niches, however, I prioritise writing on hair styling and improvement. I always strive to provide users with useful and informative articles in a readable format. I aim to achieve a difference through my writing.

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