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How to Decorate a Living Room with Front Door in the Middle

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decorating a living room with a central front door

It is nice to have beautiful houses and apartments, but it also is possible to have ugly or clumsy ones. Some apartments have the front door in the center of the living room.

 I wonder how I will decorate this apartment.””apartment.””apartment.”” It’s a challenge when you have a front door in the middle of your living room.

Solving this dilemma would involve decorating a living room with a central front door.

1. Create Two Spaces

Having your living room divided into two areas on either side of the door is the first thing you can do. There can be a sectional couch facing the fireplace or TV on the wall on one side.

 Alternatively, you could have a single couch on the other side and a bookcase for you to curl up to read. You could also have a home office or a game table.

2.  Use a Runner Rug

To direct traffic, place a runner rug right outside the door. A separation is automatically created between the left and right side of the door, so that whoever walks in will not step directly into the seating area. Additionally, this rug gives the impression of a hallway.

How Do You Create the Illusion of an Entryway?

You should have a transition space that says ‘welcome’ when you open the front door to your home or apartment. Your entryway should help you switch mentally from a busy day at work to a relaxing one at home, whether you are kicking off your shoes, dripping wet, or carrying groceries.

The majority of house plans today do not include this essential space.

1.  Sofa Placement

Place your couches perpendicular to the door so that the back of the sofa will create the impression of an entryway. Keeping your living room separate from the main door, they act as a divider. You can also use a pair of chairs for this. If you add a console or thin table right behind the sofa, it will look even better. This will give you a place to put your mail, wallet, keys, and so forth.

2.  Build a Pony Wall

Maybe your front door is located at the end of the living room area instead of the middle. In this case, it makes sense to build a pony wall. Divide the living room with this low wall and create a clear entrance.

Make the illusion of a hallway even more interesting with an area rug or runner.

3. Use a Bookcase or Open Shelf

Bookshelves and open shelves aren’t just dividers; they are also functional pieces. If you need more shelves, you should go for an open and narrow bookcase.

 The purpose of a closed and thick bookcase is defeated. Don’t fill your room with too many books and other decorative items such as photo frames, figurines, and vases. A

4.  Use a Console

Place a console right next to your door so that when you open it, it’s the first thing you see. The mini reception desk also works as a shelf for keys, lampstands, figurines, and vases.

Whatever type of console you choose, your entryway will be elegant and subtle. An artwork or mirror above it will make it look more impactful.

5. Hang Up a Mirror

As well as making any space appear larger, mirrors are a perfect element for your living room’s entrance right after your front door. By placing a large mirror in that narrow area the living room will appear larger.

Furthermore, you can check your makeup and hair right before you go out to make sure you look great.

How Do You Layout a Living Room with a Fireplace?

It will provide your family and guests with a cozy atmosphere and relaxation in your living room. You can think of it as the aesthetic backdrop to your living area. Regardless of your purpose, you need to find an appropriate layout so that your space is comfortable. You can do this by:

1.  Formal Fireplace Layout

With this layout, furniture placement is more in the middle of the room (floating furniture), away from the walls, making the fireplace a centerpiece (but not the focal point) of the room. The space between the furniture and the walls can be used as an office desk, bar cart, or reading nook.

The layout is perfect for a cozy setting. It makes entertaining easy and enhances conversation. If you are hosting more guests than your sofas can accommodate, you can add more seating, such as comfortable stools. Alternatively, you can place the stools on any side of the setting, either near the fireplace or away from it if you want.

2.   Corner Fireplace Layout

The layout may be difficult if the fireplace is in a corner, but it isn’t impossible. A good way to lay out your living room would be to place the TV on the wall next to the fireplace as the focal point, then a sectional sofa facing the TV and a rocking chair near the fireplace.

Alternatively, the fireplace could be the focus. The sofa should face the fireplace directly, and the armchairs should be positioned sideways. It works well in homes with separate television rooms.

In addition, you can arrange different types of furniture (sofas and armchairs) away from the fireplace to open up the living room.

3.  Sofa Facing Out of the Fireplace

In this case, your fireplace is not necessary. A stylish backdrop is created by the fireplace rather than a source of warmth because the sofa faces away from it. You can have a conversation away from the fireplace with this layout, which maximizes living room space.

An elegant chaise sectional would look great in this layout. Include an office area to make the room more functional. With this living room layout, you can have cocktails with your friends in a dramatic and unique lounge style.

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