How to get real and targeted Instagram followers?

The word Instagram is not unfamiliar to everybody, but let me briefly introduce it for those who don’t know about it. 

What is Instagram? 

Instagram is photo and video sharing platform. It’s a visual platform. It focuses more on  photos than texts etc. Almost one billion users are actively using it. The Younger generation is attracted to this platform more. 

 But you can also grow your business here. If you want to show your creativity or want to build a brand, then Instagram is the best platform to go with. 

You can post your photos. Edit your photos using editing features of Instagram. You can also post stories that’ll disappear within 24 hours. You can save it permanently too. You can go to live again. 

But the success of your brand depends highly on your followers, engaging content. Otherwise, why else would follow you? 

Also, there are fake followers too on Instagram that try to challenge the Instagram algorithm’s game. They get followers by buying it. They did not add value to your Instagram account. But there is some strategy that you should follow to spot these fake followers and get accurate and targeted Instagram followers. 

But first, let’s discuss why you need followers.

Why do you need followers? 

The Instagram algorithm works so that if you have more followers and likes, your content will be considered more valuable and reputable in the eye of users and the eye of Instagram. So, it would help if you had more followers to get fame and success. 

You want to get more followers to increase the visibility of your profile organically. 

Now let’s talk about the strategy that you must adopt to get real and targeted Instagram followers

1-Know your audience:

The first and foremost thing to do is know your audience. What your audience likes matters a lot. Because you plan your content accordingly. I am sure you don’t want such kind of followers who just visit your profile at once. If you want real followers, then you have to know your audience and work accordingly.

2-Plan your content:

When you are planning your content, answer the following questions.

● Why are you creating your content? 

● When will you post it? 

● What will be the best time to post my content? 

● Content-type 

● How are you creating your content? 

Answers the above questions, and then you are good to go. Create quality content. What if your followers come to your profile and see no compelling and quality content? Then, they don’t come to your face again. Let’s see the opposite side of it. If they like your content, they you get positive results. 

3-Add hashtags:

You are adding hashtags to your posts. If you want to attract more accurate and real Instagram followers, adding a hashtag is the best way to reach new people. Make sure to add relevant hashtags. If you add random hashtags, then random people will come to your profile which is not suitable for your Instagram growth. So, add relevant hashtags. You can create your brand hashtag too. 

4-Keep posting photos and videos:

Keep posting photos and videos. If you have a good collection of post on your profile, just don’t rely on them. Keppra posting because your followers want new content every day. They get bored seeing the past content every day. So post regularly and compelling that attracts your audience. You can also post a funny and entertaining video within your niche. 

5-Cross promote your account on other social media platforms:

Cross-promote your Instagram account on other social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook etc. It’ll drive more traffic to your account, boost your videos views and increase your real and targeted followers. If you have more audience on other social media platforms, then let your audience know about it. Make sure you are posting great and compelling content so that users have a reason to follow you. 

Wrapping up:

Try to attract genuine and targeted followers. Don’t buy followers from black markets. It doesn’t add value to your profile. 

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