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How To Help Your Children With Their Studies

One of the main concerns of families is how to help their children in school. The key is in values education, family support and emotional reinforcement. 

The doctor in Education from the University of Barcelona and Pedagogue offers us some reflections and recommendations to be super parents 

What does our children’s school success depend on?

It depends a lot on how the family has built a way of dealing with the child. Nowadays education for kids is very important so you have to start working with him from a very young age, from the age of 5 or 6, because starting with 10 or 12 years is usually a little late. 

This is a key and overriding theme. Then the discipline that the parents have when working with the children is important and the characteristics that the child has to learn also influence. Other simpler factors, such as having a place to study and a study methodology, are essential.

What would these simplest factors be?

They must have a specific place to study, at specific times. It must be a bright and suitable space for study. It is important that the child is clear about what he has to study and that the study times with him are short since, if they are very long, he can get bored and will not learn anything. 

Then, already at school, parents must learn about the school’s study and evaluation system. It is very important that values   education be promoted at school.

How can we motivate them to study?

We are in a society in which evaluation is always present. From the first, they begin to evaluate children in schools and thus enter a competitive system. It is necessary to understand that there are children who carry another rhythm and this must be respected to work on their self-esteem.

In short, you have to take care of the emotional part

If a family works well on feelings and self-esteem at home, reinforcements at school are much easier to work with.

Success also depends on self-esteem and all this psychological support comes from home and must be developed. You have to help them to name the emotions, to verbalize them, to put them outside themselves and this is done by working the effects.

We must transmit confidence in themselves:

Yes, it is very important. The social group is so influential that sometimes it makes the child lose the values that he brings from home. 

Everything that has been worked with the family can be lost because it yields to the pressure of the group. Families must work on the child’s autonomy so that the group does not take him where he does not want.

We talk about education in values:

Yes. This is a pending subject of the current educational system. Values   education is mentioned in the curricula of the centers but it is not developed. Unfortunately, every time a new government enters, the education model is changed and this negatively influences educational projects.

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