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Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub

How to Make Your Own Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub

Do you know exactly how very easy it is to make your very own sugar scrub? I didn’t! This coconut oil sugar scrub recipe can be made with as little as two active ingredients.

To me, the summer season suggests three things: sunlight, warmth, as well as bare feet. All 3 of which lead to dry skin, specifically here in the Desert Southwest of New Mexico.

Until lately I had actually been utilizing a super-posh exfoliating scrub from Origins, which a pal provided me as a present. However when it went out, I nearly had heart failure when I saw exactly how pricey it would certainly be to buy for myself.

Make Your Own Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub

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Most Convenient Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub Recipe EVER

Lately I have actually been hearing a lot regarding the benefits of coconut oil that I assumed I would certainly attempt to make my own coconut oil sugar scrub instead. Turns out, the entire ingredient list remains in the name: coconut oil as well as sugar. You can also add essential oil for a great aromatherapy experience as well as extra health and wellness benefits.

Make your very own Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub:

1. Measure out the sugar into a bowl. Plain white table sugar works terrific for this recipe, or you can make use of natural sugar for a much more strenuous scrub. If you’re simply making one set for yourself, 4 heaping tablespoons will certainly suffice for a miniature mason container.

2. Add the coconut oil. (So if you’re making one little mason jar’s well worth, you ‘d add a heaping tbsp of oil.) If you’ve never used coconut oil before, you need to understand that it’s typically a solid at space temperature level, so it doesn’t look like oil whatsoever. Once it warms up simply a bit, it turns into liquid.

This property becomes part of what makes coconut oil such a good ingredient for a body scrub. It liquefies on call!

3. Mix both together. In the beginning, it will certainly feel like you have the wrong percentages as it takes a while for the oil to blend with the sugar. It will eventually develop into a rough sludge that roughly holds its shape.


4. Add a number of decreases of vital oil or remove. (I used peppermint extract, because it was all I carried in my kitchen, and I enjoyed its bright smell.) Mix thoroughly.

That’s all it requires to make yourself an incredibly effective and also healthy body scrub!

Just How to Make Use Of Homemade Sugar Scrub

This scrub is so easy to use, and is fantastic for your skin. You simply scrub a bit onto your skin for a couple of seconds, rinse off with cozy water, and gently pat completely dry.

The sugar exfoliates and after that liquifies rapidly in the water, and also the coconut oil will certainly stay behind to continue hydrating, so there’s no need to add cream.

Body scrubs are so wonderful for exfoliation and also hydrating, yet did you understand you can also utilize this as a cut cream? I discovered this out by hand when I lacked shaving cream in the shower.

After you use the scrub, rinse it gently off, and also the coconut oil left behind will buffer your skin from the razor. It really functions better than any type of shave cream I’ve tried.

Benefit: this stuff is so healthy and also natural, you could also consume it. I understand– I provided it a little trial run, all in the name of research. Yummy.

Make your scrub right into a wonderful gift!

Now, if you’re as inspired as I was by this discovery, you may want to make up an entire batch as well as give them as gifts. You can add a brilliant citrus-y aroma as a present for your horticulture pals in the springtime, or want cinnamon fragrances for adorable Christmas gifts.

All you require to do is package them in charming little mini-mason containers, as well as print a tag for the top. I’ve included a free downloadable version of my tag in my Free Printables Collection, which you can print on any kind of shade paper to jazz it up a bit.

Free Printable Sugar Coconut Scrub Labels

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( The labels are sized for the typical Mason Jelly Jar covers, which also fit the mini-jars.).

Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub Free Printable Lid Label.

Place an adorable little ribbon around the side and you have actually obtained a cute and also useful hand-made gift. (I wish my children’ instructors aren’t reading this now!).

I have not entered into crucial oils yet, although this project has actually influenced me to try a couple of. What are your preferred mixes? Maybe I’ll compose a new batch with those!

Update: We have actually been experimenting with a few vital oils just recently. My little girl likes this Smiles for Miles formula, as well as I like Lavender as well as Tea Tree Oil. Provide a try, or any other important oils. The opportunities are countless!

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