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How to Prepare Your Tractor In Summer For Upcoming Seasons

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New Holland 3600

Summer is a perfect time to prepare equipment for another eventful season for farmers. This includes tractor maintenance, from routine inspections to major improvements or replacements. No matter how reliable the tractor is, you still need to make sure all the parts work effectively and efficiently. To keep your tractor well-working for a long time at lowest expenses, it requires proper and time to time maintenance.

Every machine needs maintenance when the tractor continuously works in a field in harsh and rough land for a long time, batteries may damage the engine, need maintenance or care to work properly in a harvesting season and give a successful result in farming.The summer season doesn’t mean that you feel free and relaxed from farming activities. There are lots of things you can do to prepare for the next farming or harvesting seasons. A tractor is the main equipment used in harvesting, so it’s time to maintain, so it performs tremendous work in the field.

Here are 5 basic tractor maintenance tips that help in to maintain your tractor in off season

Fill the Tank With New Fuel

On the off chance that the tank has extra fuel inside it from the cold weather months, remove that excess and top off the tank with a new inventory. This limits the danger of buildup development in the motor, which prompts smoother running. And keeping in mind that you’re checking the fuel quality, it’s additionally a strong plan to measure the other liquid levels, as well. Finally, if necessary, make a point to add more coolant and motor or pressure-driven oil, which are significant for keeping the gears greased up, reducing the measure of dampness and shielding the engine from the danger of overheating.

Inspect and clean the battery

When the battery is continuously used for a long period of time, the battery will often release, which can exhaust the alternator and, in some cases, lead to engine failure. If the battery juices are low, revive them with a high-powered charger. In addition, check the electrical connections for fractures, grease residue or corrosion, and give them a thorough cleaning if needed. If the battery operates at a premium level, the alternator will take the stress off to keep a full charge while the tractor is operational.

Many tractors are available in the market whose batteries work more effectively and need low maintenance cost. New Holland 3600 tractor is one the tractor in which  premium quality battery is used which help the farmers for less efforts in care.

Assess Tire Condition

Examine for cuts or breaks in the rubber and assure the air force is at a constant level. If the force scale is low, then expand the tire with a compression device. If there are more cuts and breaks, you should consider substituting one or more of the tyres. The expense will be  to purchase the new tyre in off season not to create burden on harvesting season and helpful in safety features.

Sharpen Blade Attachments

Tractor keeping doesn’t just apply to the vehicle itself but also the additional parts — particularly if the tractor doubles as a lawnmower. Blades can become dull or rusty over time, so it’s essential to clean and sharpen them regularly. This upkeep is simple and requires detaching the blade and then using a blender to polish the blunt edge. If you don’t own a grinding machine, you can sharpen it at an automotive repair or appliance store. But if the blade used in farming is no longer to do proper functions, exchange it for a new piece of equipment.

Check Belts for Cracking

To make tractor life long, the drive belts must be in working order, as the machine relies on its belts to power all internal functions. When the belts are compromised, the alternator, hydraulic pumps, battery charge, cutting blades, and other features are affected. To check the belts for weather abrasion, rotting, slippage, and malfunctioning, replace them if necessary. In most cases, it can be done manually. However, if they’re in very irregular shape, you might require professional support.

New Holland 3630 is one of the tractors whose driving belt system is very effective and has a less belt breakage so functions of the tractor  work softly.

Since you probably do not use the farm equipment or tractor as much throughout the year, it doesn’t require less consideration and care. However, Right and timely care of the well-being of equipment maintenance can save you time, cash, and dissatisfaction for a long time.

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