How To Prevent Cockroach Overspread Before Christmas Party 2021

While cockroaches can be a nuisance on any occasion, they can be particularly problematic when hosting a party. Cockroach gel UAE is all you need. It is because cockroaches can ruin your meals and desserts by feeding on leftovers. Moreover, they can also contaminate your food with their droppings. In addition, cockroaches can spread bacteria and viruses, making your guests sick.

How do roaches ruin your meals and desserts?

These creatures can easily make their way into your kitchen and start feeding on crumbs of food that fall down in between kitchen units and pantry shelves.

As soon as they smell even a small bit of greasy or sweet smell, they jump onto it to feed themselves and leave behind some ugly stains on chairs, tables, and crockery which are hard to remove. Apart from this, cockroaches are also known to contaminate food with their excreta and regurgitated material which can cause serious damage to the human digestive system.

Here are some of how these nasty creatures have negative effects on our meals:

  1. Cockroaches lurk in dirty drains, sewers, and garbage bins where they feed on decaying matter. They then contaminate the dump areas by leaving behind droppings full of bacteria that can harm you when you touch them or breathe surrounding air. When cockroaches invade your home through sewer connections or any other entry point, it is really hard to keep them out as they multiply their numbers very quickly.
  2.  They eat and spoil your leftovers in the fridge and in the kitchen cabinets and pantry leaving behind their droppings which can also contaminate food if not cleaned properly.
  3. Get rid of cockroaches before parties: This is something that you need to plan for a week or two in advance. You have to clean up all spills, wipe dry shelves, get rid of greasy areas where cockroaches are likely to find food
  4. Cockroaches are attracted towards warm temperatures which is why they usually go to kitchens where it’s warm during winters because of ovens, stoves, etc. All you need to do is reduce the temperature in the kitchen by keeping the oven and stove off when you are not using them.
  5. Cockroaches like to live in damp places which is why they tend to invade your pantry items like boxes of cereal. So make sure all dry food is tightly sealed and in containers with lids that snap shut. Also, store all open packets of rice, flour, sugar, etc in airtight jars or containers. Keep pet food well sealed because cockroaches consider it a delicacy.
  6. Don’t forget to vacuum-clean all areas where there’s spillage of dry food particles lying around for days together.
  7.  Roaches love greasy foods so avoid leaving any uncovered dishes on the kitchen counter. Also, make sure to clean stovetops and counters daily with a good disinfectant.

Controlling cockroaches before a party is possible

These include:

  • Vacuuming and sweeping floors to remove any food or debris that might attract cockroaches
  • Cleaning up spills and wiping down surfaces
  • Closing up any cracks or crevices where cockroaches might enter the party venue
  • Using a commercial pest control spray or cockroach gel UAE bait to kill any cockroaches present
  • Use the best cockroach gel UAE to get rid of any type of roach. You can opt for our favorite advion cockroach gel. Advion cockroach gel is a non-toxic killing bait that you can easily use both indoors and outdoors. Just place a small amount of this best advion gel in nooks and corners and see the magic in 24 hours. Get the original Advion cockroach gel from The Pest Control Shop at the best discounts.

If you do see any cockroaches during your party, there are several things you can do to get rid of them:

  • Place a shoe or other type of container over the cockroach so it does not escape before it is trapped
  • Leave the area where the cockroaches are for an hour and then return with a canister of roach bait, which will kill any insects that remain behind
  • Use a commercial pest control spray if nothing else works

Do you want to enjoy the Christmas party 2021 without insects? A cockroach can ruin any party. Use cockroach gel UAE before the Christmas holidays to enjoy well.

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