How to Remove Pet Hair from Upholstery

If you have a pet at home, I am sure that it is not unusual to see their hair all over the place, such as on the carpet and on the upholstery.

Upholstery can acquire dirt and dust on its surface which can be easily removed by vacuuming. However, removing pet hair from it may need more than just a simple vacuum cleaner. The reason is that hair tends to get stuck between fibers of your furniture and may require some extra attention in order to remove them completely.

If you want to hire an upholstery cleaning gold coast company, here are 5 guide lines for you:

Start Vacuuming Before Cleaning It Up

Instead of using water or any other kind of chemical solution while washing your upholstery, vacuum the surface to remove dirt and any loose pet hair.

This way you will not have to deal with wet upholstery in addition to removing dust and fur from it. Also, washing your furniture before vacuuming may result in spreading fur evenly inside its fibers which is going to be difficult for you to get rid of later on.

Use a Brush Instead of Beater Bar

A lot of carpet shampooers come with an option of reversing the rotation direction of their roller bar in order to facilitate deep scrubbing when vacuuming carpets. In case that you hire a company that uses such type of equipment, make sure that your upholstery gets cleaned by turning off this option. Otherwise, there is a chance that pet hair will get tangled inside the beater bar and it may take a lot of time to remove it.

For this reason, hire upholstery cleaning company which uses soft nylon brushes in order to make your furniture free from pet hair and easily cleanable.

Use Clean Towels or Rags

When you hire professional services of upholstery cleaning Melbourne, they usually come with their own equipment and tools. For example, such companies use special towels when moving furniture instead of making scratches on your floors by pushing things around with their feet. The same approach can be used when removing pet hair from upholstery.  Don’t let them drag your furniture over the floor while they work but move it carefully by lifting its legs. You don’t want to hire a company that will clean your upholstery by just throwing dirty towels on it.

Hire Professional Services

In case that you have tried all the tips mentioned above and your furniture is still covered with fur after being vacuumed, it may be a sign that you should hire professional help instead of trying to remove pet hair from it yourself. In this way you will save not only time but also energy and efforts which can be used for other household chores.

After all, hiring a carpet cleaning company is going to give you an opportunity not only to make your upholstery free from pet hair , but also to restore its original look if some stains or scratches are bothering you on its. Don’t forget about taking care of your furniture with appropriate cleaning methods which can be used with vacuum cleaners, too.

Just hire upholstery cleaning company, you don’t want to do this yourself!

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