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5 ways to surprise your friends and family this Eid.

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Eid is just around the corner which means our eid preparations are in full swing. But what all the excitement is about? And what are the preparations? Eid marks the end of the holy month Ramadan, it is that part of the year in which everyone tries to spread happiness among their family members.

It is a festival celebrated among Muslims in high spirits. Every year after observing fast Muslims get to celebrate 3 days as a reward in which they wake up early, put on their best attire, offer their eid prayers, visit closed ones, prepare delightful meals and desserts and distribute them among their friends and family, adults give eidi to their younger one as a gift and many people exchange gifts with each other. These are some usual practices in our culture which make our eid even more special. Below we’ve explained them in detail, have a look:

Give them a surprise visit:

Eid is an exciting day for many but for some people who live far away from their family for instance people living abroad, the celebration becomes quite dull. To make your eid more cheerful give your family a surprise visit, book your tickets and visit them on the day of eid without even letting them know. This way they will be surprised and their eid will become much more meaningful and memorable.

Give your little ones a gift:

Eid excites kids more than adults because they get to wear new and fancy clothes, footwear, and accessories. Also, they get to eat fancy meals and receive eidi from their elders. Ramadan is the month in which Muslims are obligated to pray, which means they do not get sufficient time to do other activities.

Shopping is no exception. You might not get time to visit markets during Ramadan so how would you buy presents? No worries. Shop from famous and leading online brands. They will deliver your stuff to your homes so you do not have to worry about leaving your homes. Many online brands offer quality products for example Fauve Clothing. They offer semi-formal and casual outfits for girls and new arrival dress for your little ones.

Send a special delivery for your friend or fiancee:

There is no better way to surprise your beloved than on the day of Eid. It is a day of sheer celebration and everyone expects something special on this day from their close ones. You can surprise them by sending them their favorite box of chocolates or an artistic bouquet. Or you can personally visit them and give them a present. Spread the happiness all around.

Prepare special meals:

What is more exciting than having your favorite feast? We all love food more than anything and appreciate any act that is related to food. Be it preparing a meal, sharing it with friends or family, or offering it to the needy. Eid is a day when everyone cooks their best food, for example, kheer and sheer khurma are the basic desserts most cooked in every home. You can also try different recipes of your past generations or you may browse for special eid recipes on YouTube or food magazines and share them with others to make their Eid more joyful.

Take your family to their favorite place:

Nobody wants to waste their eid sitting and relaxing at home. Take your family out to their favorite places. For example, take them to your relatives or friend’s place. But if you live abroad or your relatives are not that lively, take them for a fancy lunch or dinner. Take your kids to their favorite amusing place.

Last but not the least, do not forget to give eidi.

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