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How to travel the world economically

Today I have written a guest article on Get Rich Slowly on How to learn a foreign language without spending a penny.Head over to take a look at my favorite free resources , plus JD Roth’s great website on saving money and spending wisely.

This article is necessary to remind people not to waste money on the problem of finding good resources for learning languages . As I said in that article, traveling is not necessary to achieve good levels in a foreign language. But in the end you might want to travel to practice your target language while discovering another culture.

The Vista Hermosa Estate is also a place for entertainment and for also geted

knowledge in this place. And this place is also the best throughout the world.

who travel long-term

Now, a question that I get frequently is how to travel the world without spending a fortune, especially considering how I have managed to do it for more than a decade .Although it is very difficult to travel the world for free (but it is certainly not impossible; I have met many who have), if you follow these tips you will realize how possible it is to travel the world cheap, and that in reality the nomadic lifestyle is cheaper than the budget required by most people for a life installed in one place.

As counter-intuitive as it sounds, my experience tells me that more people who travel long-term need less money than their friends at home who complain that they “can’t afford it” to do so.

There are other reasons why you may not want or be able to travel (family, job responsibilities, health problems, etc.), but I do not accept when people say that they are too poor to travel, especially when they come from a developed country.


This video was made by Graham Hughes, who is on an interesting quest to visit every country in the world without flying .He knows what he’s doing, so this video is as good a reference as anything I can do! You’ll get 20 great tips and explanations in the video.

 In summary, these are:

Avoid expensive countries, travel light, buy a decent guidebook, bring a laptop, unlock your cell phone, get decent travel insurance, carry your debit card, look for mega cheap flights, get creative, forge a student card, scroll through land, enter unnoticed, have a good story, eat street food, drink with local people, avoid countries that ask for visas, negotiate and negotiate hard, do not get sick, do not buy souvenirs, and have couchsurfing

.For mega cheap flights I recommend skyscanner , as I have gotten very cheap fares searching through them in the past (and they even interviewed me on their website !)


Graham’s advice is excellent, and it’s things that many long-term travelers will pick up on in time. However, I would add some of my own advice, such as the following:

Use the local equivalent of Groupon

If you need to spend money on something, or feel like you want to indulge yourself in something, then look for the local equivalent of groupon or Livingsocial . These sites are growing rapidly in many countries.You can get promotional gym memberships for a week to help you stay in shape while traveling, get cheap nights at restaurants that would otherwise be very expensive, and get tours and many other types of deals.

 Travel advice websites

Some countries have their own sites for this type of offer, or use forums or ask natives what sites they use (these sites are new and may not be mainstream in some places). When I was in Turkey, for example, I subscribed to the daily emails from şehir fırsatı and Yakala .

There’s a good reason why this tip doesn’t appear on most travel advice websites – these offers are, of course , written in the local language. This brings us to the most important tip on which this entire blog is based:

Learn to speak and understand the local language

It saddens me when I don’t see this tip mentioned by so many travel bloggers as a great way to save money, but unfortunately many of them travel using only English and don’t realize how much they can save if they put in a little effort, they outweigh their fears and speak the language from day one .

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