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Ideas for Throwing an Unforgettable Eco-Friendly Party for Your Kids

For any mom all around the world, planning their child’s birthday is always unique, and they want to keep the memories with them for the rest of their lives. But is it possible to throw the party that won’t harm the environment? The answer is yes, and we are here to help you with that! 

Every parent wants to make their kids’ celebration truly remarkable, so that the important moments are not only kept in the form of photographs on the pages of a baby memory book, but remain in the memories of the loved ones forever. However, it is very important nowadays to think about our environment while throwing the party of a lifetime. 

Why Plan For an Eco-Friendly Party?

Dream of every child is to have the best birthday party, and they wait for their birthday as soon as their birthday gets over. The parents also make their aim to fulfill all the wishes of their children and fulfill them. But it also becomes important for the parents to understand that climate change is one of the biggest concerns in the world, and it is only getting worse with time. So, it becomes important for the parents to think about the environment and focus on their children’s desires. This can be done by trying to incorporate a green party.


While planning a house party for the birthday of the kids, there are mainly three things that need to be considered:

* How to make the experience magical and memorable for the kids?

* How to plan within the budget?

* How to harm the environment as less as possible?


A conscious effort can be made at the beginning by challenging yourself and your child’s imagination and by creating a virtual invitation. This will save paper and also allows you to make gorgeous invites. The invitations can be sent through e-mails or WhatsApp. 

Sending e-invitations


One of the trendiest and typical party decorations is to use helium balloons and foil banners. Unfortunately, they harm the environment, as well. So, it is important to go out of the way for party decorations while planning a green party. One can opt for plants, candles, colorful fabrics while planning the decorations for an eco-friendly party. Several companies provide party rentals for such parties. If the person is interested in sewing, then they can hand-sewn clothes are something that can be used for several years. Wait- there’s more. People can get creative and make their decorations with different colorful papers. Paper lanterns tend to leave an impression and be the center of attraction in terms of decorations. People can always get party supplies from the market, but sitting with family and making the party decorations yourself have a different kind of fun altogether. People tend to fork out money when they have decorative items available in their trash. Catalogs and newspapers can be cut into triangular shapes and be made into party caps. Once the party gets over, these items go back into the recycling bin.


Try to make the party games that will help wildlife. So, the time has come to avoid the usual party games such as musical chairs and pass the parcel. It is fun as well as enriching for the children to make seed balls, bird feeders, and planting seeds, play hide and seek or treasure hunt. Also, art and craft is something that all children love. Making paper boats as well as paper planes is a fun activity for the children as well as their parents. 

Saving planet

Cleaning Up

One of the most tedious works after a party gets over is to clean up. But this is one of the most important things for an eco-friendly party. This can also be done by engaging the children to pack stuff in a recycling bag and understand the importance of recycling. 

Saving The Planet

There is no doubt that a huge environmental crisis is going on, and we can all help the environment by planning an eco-friendly party. So, will you arrange an eco-friendly party? Don’t forget to share your experience with us.

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Betti Wilson is a freelance author, but, what’s more important, what she is really devoted to, is her children. In her articles, she shares her own experience and writes about parenthood, green lifestyle, family challenges and how to deal with them without losing a positive attitude.

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