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Gojek Clone App Development

A Brief Introduction To Gojek Clone App Development For Young Entrepreneurs

Goal-oriented, farsighted, and excellent networking skills are one of the few traits that young entrepreneurs showcase these days. What’s more important than being a boss is – having an eye for the right business opportunities. Therefore, this blog discusses one of the best business opportunities that one could grab today. We are talking about launching your Gojek Clone app.

What Is a Gojek-like App?

Let’s start with the basics.

A cloned app is typically a replica or an “inspired version” of an existing app. However, in this blog, we are talking about the clone of the Gojek app. Gojek is an Indonesian multi-service app that provides numerous services in genres like;

  • Transport and logistics
  • Food and shopping
  • Payments
  • News and entertainment
  • Business  

The original app offers more than 20+ services to millions of people. The Gojek app is considerably popular in Southeast-Asian countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, and so on. This app is the perfect example of an on-demand multi-service platform.

Gojek Clone App Vs Gojek App

In the above section, we looked at a brief overview of the original Indonesian Gojek app. However, to make the differences clearer, let’s draw a few key distinctions between the two well-abled apps.

BasisGojek Clone App  Original Indonesian Gojek App
Number of services 101+ on-demand services20+ services
Popularity This app is popular in the entire world.The app is popular in the Southeast-Asian countries.
OwnershipAnyone can own this app.Hard to gain the ownership of the app.

Why Should Young Entrepreneurs Invest in This Top-notch Super App?

This stunning on-demand multi-service platform is the most outstanding business investment idea for young entrepreneurs. If you don’t believe that yet then, here are some considerable reasons to make you accept the same.

  1. It is quick to launch

The app is pre-built. To put it another way, this mobile app has already been made by white-labeling firms. Thus, young entrepreneurs only have to verify:

  • Services they want to integrate
  • Features to add to the app
  • Their preferred languages, currencies, and payment gateway
  • Color theme of their choice
  • Company’s name and logo

With all these particulars, the app developers will completely rebrand their base app and launch it on platforms like Google Play Store and Apple App Store. It will take just 1 to 2 weeks for the white-labeling experts to develop and launch the multi-services app.

  • Low investment is required

Young entrepreneurs don’t need a fortune in their bank accounts to develop and launch the Gojek Clone app. The entire app development will require entrepreneurs to invest only a four-figure amount.

So, if you are worried because of financial disbalance, don’t be. Moreover, if you are purchasing the clone app script for a globally-recognized white-labeling firm then, you may also get the advantage of part payments. In the part payment option, the entrepreneur needs to pay 50% of the app package initially. Thereafter the first half of deliverables, proceed to pay the remaining 50% amount.

  • Easy and quick profit-earning

The third best reason young entrepreneurs should invest in this multi-services app is – it earns easy and quick money. Unlike other businesses, here, the entrepreneur gets to choose their preferred profit-generation method. They need to choose between earning commissions on every service or membership subscription plans.

In commission, the providers pay a certain percentage of their income to the app owner. For example, for every moto ride, the driver will pay 10% of the income from every ride as a commission to the app owner. Whereas, the subscription plans are bought and renewed by the providers. This lump-sum amount is directly earned by the app owner. In brief, the providers don’t have to pay a certain percentage for every service.


Hasn’t this on demand multi service platform left you awe-struck? The Gojek clone app is the finest business investment there could be in 2023 and beyond. Moreover, this app is here to stay for as long as the customers will order things online, opt for at-home services, and get things delivered!

You’d be earning heavy profits and amazing returns in absolutely no time! So, launch this top-notch app today!