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Everything You Wanted to Know About Custom EMS Challenge Coins

Did you know that you can boost your employee morale with simple custom ems challenge coins? Yes!! Over the age’s businesses, military departments have been using these coins to keep honour their staff and keep their workplace motivated. This article pertains to the myriad benefits that people have yielded until now and every other thing you need to know about challenge coins.

The practices of incorporating challenge coins everywhere is first started in the army services during the world war. People who dedicated their lives to save their nation were worthy of getting the respect. So, challenge coins were the quickest and easiest solution for them to show dignity and at the same time boost their morale. Since then challenge coins have crawled into every part of our lives.

The shocking part came when 34% American employees stated that they felt much more engaged, committed, and involved once they received a coin like this. But, is there room to grow more if you know how to use these challenge coins to reinforce a company’s honor?

So, what are custom ems challenge coins?

Well, challenge coins are small medallions with detailed designs incorporated onto it serve as a symbol of accomplishment. The term custom ems challenge coins means that you can customize the designs according to your need. For example, if you want to use these coins for military purposes, then the similar design won’t be effective for your business promotion.

Take a look at the type of industries that use such coins to boost employee morale,

·         Coporate workforce,

·         Fire department

·         Police department

·         Military department including navy, marines, army, air force, etc.

How Should You Use Challenge Coins?

Well, for every industry the use of challenge coins differs from others. If you are using them for the police department, then it should be used to honor any specific division such as detectives and SWAT for their outstanding work on a certain mission.

If you are using them for the military department then also you can use them to honour a special troop or branch.

When challenge coins are being used for your organisation for praising a certain employee like the one who is soon to be retired, then special symbols must be added to these coins. Each of the departments we mentioned bears a special symbol which must be incorporated in those coins.

How Businesses Get Benefited from Custom EMS Challenge Coins?

Challenge coins might have been a treasure trove for the military departments, but businesses and organizations can also yield the benefit of these coins. These are excellent way to increase camaraderie amidst your employees and other groups. How you are going to use these coins for your organization that depends entirely on you. You can use these as an appreciation symbol for completing certain goals or meeting other benchmarks.

With the growing popularity, many designers are coming up with different colors for these coins like copper, silver, black nickel, gold, and bronze, etc. So, incorporate these coins into your organization to enhance your company’s value.


So, custom ems challenge coins offer a wide range of ways to honour your employees. It’s small in size yet a great tool for showing appreciation to your near and dear ones. You can also use them as a gift for your loved ones. Moreover, these small pieces of coins are great to create a great work environment involving each and every employee. But, make sure you find the best designer to get your desired coin. The beauty and significance of these coins only lie in their designs so you never should compromise on its designs.

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