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How to Launch a Thriving Blog in the Year 2024

Discover how to launch a blog within an hour. Start your journey as a blogger today using our proven steps, leading to a blog that’s reached over 20 million readers and featured in prestigious publications like the New York Times, TIME magazine, and the TODAY show.

Inception of Our Blog

Interested in making a difference? Consider launching a blog. Embrace the journey of becoming a blogger. Crafting this blog stands as one of Ryan and my most rewarding choices. Beyond monetary gains, blogging enriches lives by delivering value to others.

Considering diving into the world of blogging, but feeling lost? Don’t worry, we’ve been there too! Prior to embracing the title of “The Minimalists,” we faced the same daunting task of starting a blog to share our thoughts and emotions.

Lost in a sea of options, we were clueless about embarking on our blogging journey. Questions swirled: When to begin? How to snag a domain name? What’s hosting? Which platform to choose? Theme selection? Content ideas? We struggled with basic HTML. But here’s the silver lining: starting a blog is simpler than imagined. Drawing from our experience, we’ve amassed invaluable lessons, sparing you the agony of navigating the intricacies of blog setup.

Transparency Alert: The Minimalists endorse Bluehost. At just $2.75 monthly, Bluehost facilitates seamless blog setup and hosting. As Bluehost affiliates, we earn revenue (at no extra cost to you) when you purchase through our links. By utilising this link, our readers secure over 50% off the monthly fee and a complimentary domain for the initial year. cancel all alarms

Master Blogging Video Tutorial

Opt for visual guidance? Explore our comprehensive video tutorial “How to Become a Successful Blogger Today,” showcasing the entire blog setup process. Alternatively, continue reading for detailed instructions.

5 Steps to Blog Success

1. Select your blog name and secure hosting.

2. Kickstart your blog with WordPress installation.

3. Personalise your blog with a sleek theme.

4. Enhance your blog’s functionality with essential plugins.

5. Craft engaging content to captivate your audience.

Though options like Blogger, Squarespace, and Wix exist, most committed bloggers opt for self-hosted WordPress due to its unparalleled creative liberty and adaptability.

Ease of setup isn’t the sole reason. The Minimalists prefer WordPress for its unmatched control over blog aesthetics—providing us with the ultimate creative authority among all platforms.

Secure Your Blog Hosting

Our initial step in launching our blog involved visiting Bluehost to register our domain, a complimentary feature with hosting. Before delving into hosting details, let’s address your domain name.

  • Select Your Domain Name

Your blog’s domain name plays a pivotal role as it forms the initial impression and serves as your web address, also known as the URL. 

What will you name your blog? Perhaps it’s,, or a unique brand name you’ve devised. If brainstorming proves challenging, explore Wordoid, an excellent naming tool offering abundant options. Remember, don’t purchase the domain from Wordoid; Bluehost provides a free domain.

  • Establish Blog Hosting

After finalising your domain name, the next step is to arrange hosting for your blog. Although WordPress is free (as outlined in Step 2), securing reliable hosting is essential for your WordPress blog.

We rely on Bluehost for hosting The Minimalists and several other websites. Our endorsement stems from personal use and satisfaction, not just affiliation. Even without being affiliates, we’d still choose Bluehost for their reliability. As partners, we secure over a 50% discount for our readers: only $2.75 monthly for the first year.

Upon signing up for hosting, Bluehost offers a complimentary domain, sparing you upfront and recurring domain purchase expenses. If you already own a domain, you can seamlessly integrate it with Bluehost. facebook profile

Bluehost provides a 30-day money-back guarantee, ensuring no risk if you reconsider. Renowned for its reliability, Bluehost boasts world-class facilities, including a self-built 20,000-square-foot datacenter with sufficient backup generators to sustain a city. Additionally, a significant number of our friends and family trust Bluehost for hosting their blogs.

Begin with WordPress Integration

Next, you’ll set up WordPress, which is free. Don’t be daunted by the term “install” – it’s simpler than it seems, and Bluehost handles everything for you.

  • To start, just click “Log In.”
  • Bluehost offers various blog design options, but scroll to the bottom and click “Skip This Step” (you’ll understand why shortly).
  • WordPress is installed. Click “Start Building” to access your new blogging dashboard and proceed to Step 3.

Choose a Basic Theme

A theme enables you to select a blog design effortlessly, even without coding skills or design expertise. Essentially, a good theme empowers you to customise your blog’s appearance to your preferences, making design tasks significantly more manageable, especially if you’re not a coder.

Our blog design originates from BYLT, a platform developed by our trusted friends at SPYR. They offer numerous elegant, straightforward WordPress themes to explore, and you can even acquire the same theme we utilise if it resonates with you.

Visit BYLT to discover the minimalist WordPress theme aligning with your aesthetic preferences. Their themes boast rich features, and purchasing your theme ensures ongoing support from the same team we rely on for our work.

Upon purchasing your theme, you’ll receive the download link for your WordPress theme (a .zip file) directly from your BYLT Dashboard. Save this file to your Desktop as you’ll need to upload it to WordPress shortly.

Recall how effortless it was to install WordPress? Well, installing your blog theme follows the same simplicity.

  • First, return to your WordPress Dashboard.
  • Ensure you’re logged in. If not, visit, enter your new domain name (or username), your password, and click Submit.
  • Navigate to My Sites and click on Log in to WordPress.
  • In your WordPress dashboard, head to Appearance > Themes.
  • Click the Upload button.
  • Then, click Upload Theme followed by Choose File.
  • Locate the .zip file from your BYLT Dashboard (your theme file) and click Install Now.
  • Finally, click Activate, and your blog theme is installed.


Amidst the ever-evolving terrain of 2024, establishing a flourishing blog demands strategic foresight, technical adeptness, and imaginative ingenuity. This guide equips you with essential insights and resources to commence a rewarding blogging expedition, captivating your audience and realising your blogging ambitions