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Leather jackets are an essential part of anyone’s wardrobe. Be it that your style is ultra-trendy, laid back or super feminine, a leather jacket can fit in with all preferences. It can be casually thrown on a T-shirt and denim jeans or over a long skirt. There is no look that cannot be carried off with a leather jacket. In this article, we are going to introduce you some basic ways to style your jacket. These combinations will certainly make you the center of people’s attention. We cover different occasions to cater to all your fashion needs.

The best ways to style your leather jacket

Basic Black Leather

This is a staple piece that you can rarely go wrong with. It is the perfect layering for any outfit and works for almost all occasions. Whether it is a blazer and bomber jacket it is perfect for every season. And versatile enough to be paired with any outfit.

For the winters you can don your jacket over a hoodie or jumper. For the summery look, you can wear a floral-patterned dress underneath. Or just pair it up with a top and jeans. There are endless ways you can mix and match with a black jacket.

Café Racer/ Biker Jackets

A motorcycle jacket is good for all seasons. Its various styles like cropped, oversized or vintage adds a grungy touch to any outfit. You can turn it casual with a t-shirt and jeans and still look sexy with your first classics leather – Cafe Racer Jacket. Or you can unleash your inner pop star with checked trousers and chunky heels.

Wearing it in black is a go-to option. But you can also experiment with other colors depending on the outfit you are wearing. This jacket is extremely adaptable and always helps you dress up or dress down your ensemble.

Vegan Faux Leather Jacket

Faux Leather is a timeless style that can never go out of fashion. It is basically an effortless and ethical way to complete a casual outfit. Its works for any occasion from a night out with friends to experimenting with a new look. These jackets come in so many styles that you will never have a lack of options.

Brown Leather Jacket

This is the second most popular choice after the black jackets. This a statement piece that stands out without deviating from the original look. This style is available in a lot of cuts, designs and shapes so everyone has something they prefer.

Pairing the brown with contrasting combination like greys, blues or greens makes it stunning. You can even combine it with neutral tones like came to create a monochrome look. It gives you a put together and sleek look that can work even for official events.

Red Leather

There is no need to stick to the traditional neutral colors to look incredible. Channel boldness and confidence through an oversized red jacket. Sporting a varsity jacket can give you an athletic look. The options are numerous when we speak of red leather jackets. They look the most gorgeous when you wear them on white or blue outfits. Or even a red upon red look is a head turner!

Pink Leather Jackets

This extremely feminine color can give any outfit a fun and flirty pop. Best thing is that it can go with any event, depending on the shade of pink. You can either go for an Elle Wood inspired look by an all pink outfit. Add a splash of color with this vibrant color to a black suit. There are a variety of shades in pink from hot pink to rosy shades. See which shade works best for you!

Blue Leather Jackets

This color is bound to raise your spirit with its buoyant aqua tone. It can be your clothing choice whether you are going for a casual drive or a late-night party. There is an inexhaustible number of occasions that you can carry a blue leather jacket. From navy to emerald shades, this jacket can be put together with striped, plain or a black ensemble. The best one that we would recommend you is future trunks jacket from Dragon Ball Z that is made up of genuine quality blue leather.

White Leather Jackets

Are you going for an icy and chilled look with a chic touch? A white leather jacket is gives you those vibes and more. You can rock them easily with a basic denim or a long flowy skirt for a dressier look. Add an elegant and sophisticated look to your outfit by wearing it with a slim dress or pencil skirt. This pearly jacket is perfect for autumn and winter seasons.

Tan and Yellow Leather Jackets

For a warmer accent these colors work incredibly well. A tan or yellow jacket is flattering for all types of skin tones. It is also a great way to brighten up any ensemble. If you have a bubbly personality these choices are perfect for you.

Go for a white t-shirt and blue jeans to pair up with this sunny shade. Or make a canary yellow color jacket pop even more with an all-white dress. If a vibrant yellow is not your style then just go for the toned downed tan version of it. It is a beautiful and decent look that will make you stand out in a crowd. These shades are not only good for a springy color. Even cold winter days can turn warmer when you sport this look.

These were out top most recommendations for wearing leather jackets in the most attractive ways. The thing about leather is that you can never go wrong with this style. You can have any fashion preference yet you will find one that suits your personality. It is a piece of clothing can directly reflect the kind of person you are. This is one of the reasons why people are so fond of having leather jackets in their wardrobes. There are endless choices that you can make. Next time you are out to shop for a leather jacket we hope our style guide helps you out. Find the style that makes you feel most confident and comfortable and it will automatically look amazing!  

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