Legal Representation and Law Firms That You Can Trust in the UAE

When it comes to lawyers or law firms, their reputation and ethics must be well established along with their legal prowess. It takes years for a law firm to establish itself amongst its peers. The success stories and client recommendation that follows their work, then allow for a wider global recognition. The UAE also has strict compliance requirements towards the licensing of the law firms, and the same applies for the licensing of lawyers.

In addition, there exists separate compliance requirements for the law firms established in the free zone, such as the Dubai International Free zone (DIFC).  A Dubai law firm is regulated by the Legal Affairs Department of Dubai, and the lawyers in Abu Dhabi are regulated at the federal level by the ministry of justice and at the emirate level by the Legal and Risk Management Affairs Advisory Unit of the Executive Affairs Authority. 

One of the most valuable skills that only the topmost lawyers possess is  ‘commercial awareness’ with a strong focus on the current legal and market developments on a local, national as well as world business level. Such know-how and expertise make them stand apart and make them the most sought-after lawyers in the region. We have already brushed up earlier on the importance of ethical practices, the best law firms abide by the legal ethics code to the dot and ensure full compliance with the same in their practices. Such international law firms have a strict code of practice and procedures within their firm to impart proper training and development to its staff.

Only such law firms can ensure to deliver on the industry best practices and earn the trust of their clients. Top law firms ensure strict compliance in meeting deadlines, maintaining transparent and fixed professional charges, as as well as handling of client information with the highest possible confidentiality level. You can reach the best Lawyers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE by viewing the success stories, legal awards, and accolades won by them.

The legal 500 database lists some of the most reputed international law firms in the United Arab Emirates. Similarly, embassies and consulates in the UAE also provide and maintain a list for lawyers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Al Rowaad Advocates and Legal consultants meet all the said criteria, and therefore it does not come as a surprise that the law firm has been consecutively voted the leading law firm in Dubai on numerous occasions. Few out of the many prestigious awards won by the Al Rowaad team that makes them one of the top law firm in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, UAE. They are the winners of:

The team of Al Rowaad Advocates and Legal Consultants is a full-service private practice law firm encompassing wide expertise and a talented team of advocates and legal consultants. Practicing law comprises of many different categories of the legal profession, there are advocates, and legal consultants in the broadest sense and Al Rowaad Advocates & Legal Consultants have both advocates and legal consultants in their team. Our team of lawyersadvisors and administrative staff collaborate with a single goal: the success of our clients. Our strong practice areas are corporate & commercialcriminal lawcivil law, banking, maritime & transport, labor, litigation & arbitration, real estate and family law.

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