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How To Get Dressed For An Office Look: Stylish Pants For Men

Men always want to dress comfortably, be it for the office or any casual party. But when it comes to getting dressed up for work, you have to be very particular about the dress code of your workplace. 

Dressing up for the office simply depends on your position there. You can go from really casual to very formal, depending on the situation. If you have to attend a really important meeting, you cannot, of course, wear cargo pants with a t-shirt, you definitely have to go with formal attire. We have some office staples you need in your wardrobe right away.

Must-Have Clothing Items For Your Workplace

Plain button-down shirts

These shirts are a necessity to have in your wardrobe. You can wear them with stylish pants for men and create a more formal or casual look. 

To create the formal look, style these shirts with formal pants, and don’t forget to tuck in the shirts. For a more casual look, you can simply wear these shirts with a pair of denim jeans without tucking them in, of course. Some basic colors like black, blue, white, and brown should definitely be in your wardrobe.

Checks shirts 

To have that everyday casual work look, you can have these shirts in your wardrobe. Wear them with stylish pants for men, and you are good to go. 

You can also wear these shirts under an unstructured blazer for a more smart-casual look. Just want to go casual on Saturday? Wear this shirt over a plain t-shirt with a pair of jeans, and don’t forget to wear a pair of comfortable shoes to complete the entire look. 

Casual pants 

There are many types of casual, stylish pants for men. And when we say casual pants, it means those check or striped pants. They work well for creating a casual and attractive look. If you pair these pants with a tucked-in plain t-shirt or shirt, then you will definitely catch the attention of all at your workplace.

Formal pants 

These pants are a must-have if you are an office worker. You can pair these pants with plain shirts to create a chic formal look. One should have black, blue, grey, and brown pants in their collection. Moreover, these stylish pants for men are really versatile and comfortable. 


Yes, jeans are again a must-have office staple. They are perfect for those stylish men out there who wish to look modish every time. You can wear them with checks, striped, or plain shirts. Moreover, jeans can be paired with a sport blazer for a smart-casual appearance. 


Suits are definitely a must-have. They are perfect for all those formal meetings with clients, stakeholders, etc. Make sure your suit is well tailored and not loose; some light-colored plain shirts go really well with suits.  

The suit shoes complement the whole attire really well and give you the perfect ceremonial look

Wrap up

The office is the place where you have to spend half of your day. And you really won’t like wearing uncomfortable or unprofessional clothing items. Hence, we have got you a list of must-have office staples in your wardrobe.