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Mistakes To Be Avoided During Ecommerce Website Development

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ECommerce Development

●      Due To Lack Of Integrated Customer Service –

ECommerce Development experts say that many factors are responsible in the context of losing business conversion, support, and lack of quality customer service. It would be ideal if you always impart the traditional customer service options as email support, customer helpline number, and so on. Gone are the days when traditional customer service and support are used to everything.

However, not it is time to go with new-age customer service. Your ecommerce app is required to get equipped along with chat support, which can easily answer most of your common customer queries, and it guides customers in making you have the best common problems as well as complaints. If your store can easily get integrated intelligent customer service chatbots loaded with AI technology then it can help you in improving business conversion a bit more.

●      If Design Does Not Go Compatible With All Mobile Devices –

There could be hardly anything surprising about the fact, which could more than 60% of web search regarding products and services, occurs on mobile devices. We are living in the digital world where a new device keeps coming on across the two prominent OS platforms.

  • Generally, the user interface, as well as user experience design of the e-commerce store, is needed to get completely compatible.
    • They need to befit regarding all these devices screens.
    • If your ecommerce store looks amazing in the context of small to medium length, screen but not good on extra-long screens of the latest flagships then it needs to work on.
    • Your site must look good on the mobile device indeed.

●      Going With A Poor Theme or Bad Plugins –

The next thing you need to work on is poor theme or bad plugins. Good design is everything and you must not ignore this thing. You are required to list out the important features indeed. It should come up with an excellent prototype design displaying all sorts of your web store buttons as well as layout options.

  • You may be having a gross idea regarding the expected user experience of the store indeed. It is time to choose the ideal one which perfectly going to meet your desired UX requirements turns quite easier.
  • Once you figure out the expected user experience, you are allowed to develop a custom theme regarding your e-commerce store if you are not able to find any ideal them regarding for theme marketplace.
  • Talking about plugins, you need to always choose the right plugin going with the reputed sources that are completely used by other e-commerce stores available in your niche.

●      Introducing A Many Shipping Options As Possible –

Here, it needs to mention that customers’ shipping and priorities are completely different. They probably expect a variety of shipping options indeed. Therefore, smart e-commerce store always introduces its customers as many shipping options as possible. Great e-commerce stores should always impart their customers as many shipping options as possible so that they could feel completely comfortable. Here, it needs to mention that a variety of shipping options is also imparting customer’s quite flexibility. 

  • Not Writing Proper Product Description –

They believe that designing an ideal product page is quite important. If it is not done that, it can even affect your business conversions in comparison to anything else. Here, it needs to mention that most customers are supposed to take the final call upon buying a product once they are done with shopping a product after going through the product description and checking out the product image in detail.

Therefore, both product description and visual description and going through the product image in a detailed manner. Therefore, both product description and visual description of the items must be quite important in the context of business conversion. 

ECommerce Development experts say that designing an e-commerce product page is an ideal area, which well in the context of steady business conversion. It must have a lot of white space as well as minimum visual clutter to ensure incredible viewing of the product images. Experts say that description must be quite precise, informative, and easy to understand.

●      Not Going With Excellent Images –

Your website must have the best images otherwise, it would not be noticed. We are living in a world where customers do read less and they prefer to watch more while making buying-related decisions. It is indeed simple since high definition images can truly help them to grab a highly detailed idea that how a product they are going to buy could be.

  • If you are not going with the quality images then you need to think once again. Going with quality images can take your ecommerce site’s growth to the next level.
  • High-quality images are easy to zoom in on so that you could have a closer view of the products.
  • They also make sure that any devices, which are being zoomed, can easily be done following simple gestures.
  • They impart multiple images to cover all sorts of different angles and viewpoints of the visitors while going through a product.
  • They also impart multiple images covering all sorts of different angles as well as viewpoints of the visitors while going through a product. Do not circumvent to impart a graphic image exploring all about the features as well as physical components of the product indeed.

●      Tricky and Time-Consuming Checkout –

This is indeed a blunder. You must not get it done with your eCommerce at all. ECommerce Development experts say that a complex checkout process probably requires too many efforts regarding the customers to buy an item, it is the biggest reason for an undermining shopping experience. 

When it comes to improving the common design mistake, it is time to make sure that the checkout process remains completely simple. It takes not more than one of two steps when it comes to complete a purchase indeed. Your ecommerce checkout page must have a simplified checkout design indeed. The best thing is that it is advisable to go with specific conventions such as shipping costs and taxes.

●      Under-Optimized Search As Well As Filter Options –

Most shoppers prefer to go with the search option since they do not have that way much time or simply they are restless. Going with filter options do makes things easy for them. The search option helps to make things simplified for them. It covers every specification indeed.

  • They prefer to go with voice search, which seems quite effective. Since more customers have preferred it, this has truly become easy indeed. You need to make sure that the voice search option has been working quite advanced and able to understand the natural language process technology.
  • If you are not comfortable then you must improve the search option by introducing a comparison of similar products as well as models along with its prices.
  • Filter options make it quite easy for the customer to find the exact products that they have been looking for. 

●      Not Easy To Navigate –

Yes, complicated Navigation is not easy to do. You need to make sure that your ecommerce site comes up with easy to navigate factor indeed. An ecommerce with not easy-to-navigate factor can make things quite harder for customers so that products could browse quite easily. If a site is not easy to navigate then it can lead to frustration indeed.

Have you been wondering that what can make navigation simple and easier than you need to focus on the buttons as well as clickable elements? The most commonly accessed navigation buttons and menu options are required to be placed on prominent spots of the device screen. It is quite important regarding the products to be categorized based on highly most viewed, price, latest, and so on.

●      Not Securing Your Web portal –

Security is quite essential to any sort of ecommerce site. The best thing that it does not only keep your business safe but it also plays a major role to protect your customers. It is quite important to build a sense of trust along with your brand, as customers would be seeing your value for their well-being.

Therefore, one of the important things is that you need to secure your web portal indeed. If your website is not secured then you need to consider it indeed.  A secured website gives a sense of satisfaction to customers being at peace. They know that everything is going in the right manner. Therefore, your ecommerce site must be secured indeed.

Final Thought –

Hope this above-mentioned information has given you much idea that what mistakes you must not do when it comes to design an ideal ecommerce site.

Author Bio:

Ronak Meghani is a serial entrepreneur and who has worked with small-medium-large companies. He is a co-founder of Magneto IT Solutions – a well known ecommerce web development services provider and has been closely working with eCommerce ventures since 2010.

He has helped 200-plus international brands for building/improving their online ventures in the area of UI/UX, development, launching, revenue enhancement, marketing strategy and much more, and 90% ventures are generating very good revenue. He’s enthusiastic about start-ups, entrepreneurship, sports, and all things marketing.

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