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The most useful Community guidelines of Uber

The regulatory instructions made by Uber is to mainly help the customers to experience safe, positive and respectful rides. It is for all those who use this app. Whether it is driver, rider, customers or anyone else, everyone has to obey and follow the guidelines designed by the company.

The guidelines mentioned below will help you to understand the features of a particular kind of behaviour that may also cause the users to lose access from the Uber app. The mentioned below guidelines will explain to you the points which are enough for uber to take necessary actions. Please have a look at them


Treat everyone with respect

The community of the company is undeniably distinctive and it is not important that we will encounter with the only people who share and respect our beliefs. This does not mean that we start troubling the person if he/she does not belong to our community.
You have nothing to do with the beliefs or the look of any person. Your main motto should be to get the service fulfilled.

Help in keeping one another safe

Uber is constantly working to develop a safer sight for the enjoyers of this app. Uber mainly has a focus on the safety of their users and this was the only reason behind creating these standards.

Following the law

Uber obeys and follow rules and regulations needed to run a business. By doing this, the company also earned a huge level of trust of the customers. The company also request their customers to follow and obey all the rules and regulations wherever required.

Customer’s feedback matters

If customers want to share their experience with the company, does not matter whether it is positive or negative, they can do it. Uber is continuously working on the part of attaining reviews and feedbacks from the end of the customers. It also helps the company to improve its services easily.

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Misconduct and sexual assault

Uber value the personal privacy and space of its users. But on the other hand, the user should not comment about someone’s appearance and ask whether they are single or not. Sexual misconduct or assault of any kind is prohibited while enjoying the trip. Here is the list of inappropriate conduct that one should avoid-

  • Comments and behavior that could make other people uncomfortable are strictly unacceptable. Some examples are- winks, whistles, nudges etc. don’t flirt or touch the people you don’t know.
  • Never comment on the appearance of someone, gender identity or anything related to sexual orientation. Avoid asking personal questions like ‘’Are you single?’’. Never talk about your own or someone else’s sex life.
  • Uber strictly prohibits sex rule. This means, you cannot make sexual contact while using Uber taxi booking app. This comprises activities like solicitation of sexual intercourse, masturbation, sexual intercourse, exposure or touching sexual body parts etc.

Rude or threatening behaviour

Harassing or aggressive and confrontational behaviour is not allowed. Avoid using language or gestures that could be threatening, inappropriate or disrespectful. So, it is better to stay away from topics like political beliefs or religion etc.

By wrapping up the article, we can easily conclude that there are some rules and regulations made by every reputed company on which it works. The above-mentioned points are written to make readers understand the community guidelines of Uber.

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