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Simple Ways To Organize Your Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are necessary makeup accessories, but they can simply get misplaced if you don’t have a nice storage method. To store your brushes at home, place them in a brush holder, organizer, or stackable drawer. These make your vanity or dresser look pretty and help you simply locate your brushes. If you are travelling, opt for a compact bag, brush wrap, or brush book to protect your brushes. Each of these options is a simple, inexpensive way to organize your brushes.

Organizing Your Brushes at Home

1. Use a brush organizer if you want a stylish option.

These organisers are built from glass or Perspex and have crystals at the surface of each section to help the brushes stand upright. The various colored crystals give the brush organizer a beautiful feature, and the see-through compartments make it quick and simple to locate the makeup brush you desire to use.

-Select an organiser that is long enough to fit your largest brushes.

Space the brushes into the organiser with the bristles facing up.

2. Pouring some coffee beans into a vase creates a fragrant storage container.

Select a vase that you like and pour about 2 inches (5.1 cm) of coffee beans into the bottom. To keep your brushes upright, put the bases of your brushes into the coffee beans.

Rice or pebbles will also work if you don’t keep any coffee beans.

Keep in mind that coffee beans can stain light-coloured handles, so this option works best for brushes with dark-coloured handles.

3. Use a stackable drawer if you’re short on space.

If you choose your vanity or dresser to have a minimum lock, use Perspex stackable drawers to organize your makeup brushes. Lay your brushes in the drawers to make them easily accessible.

This is also an excellent way to keep your makeup brushes clean and dust-free, especially if you don’t use them frequently.

These drawers also work well for storing makeup.

-buying stackable drawers from a home goods store or online.

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Sorting your brushes for travel

1. Opt for a brush book to maintain the shape of the best brushes.

A brush book is a good investment if you desire to protect your brushes while you are on vacation or if you are transporting your brushes. Simply slide each brush inside the brush book beneath an elastic band, and then zip up the bag. The different slots keep the brushes from climbing around and getting out of shape.

-Keep your brush book in your hand baggage while travelling to prevent the brushes from getting squashed in your main bag.

2. Use a wrapped leather holder to prevent brushes from touching.

These holders roll up into a mini-compact cylinder. The different compartments within the holder mean that the brushes don’t contact each other, which reduces the risk of them getting injured. Simply slip all the brushes into a compartment and roll up the holder.

If you choose not to use leather, opt for a fabric- or plastic-wrapped holder.

A wrapped leather holder is a length of leather that can be rolled up for simple storage. Small bands are sewn into the leather to secure the brushes.

Wrapped leather holders are a great way to keep the bristles of your brushes in top condition.

3. Choose a makeup bag or case with compartments to store your brushes.

Sticky or leaking makeup bottles may soon soil your brushes. To keep your brushes organized, select a makeup bag that has different pockets, sleeves, or bags that you can use to store makeup brushes.

This is a good option if you travel often with your makeup and desire to put your makeup and brushes together.

Cleaning and maintaining your brushes

1. Store your brushes in closed containers for the best results.

To keep your brushes in optimal condition, try to minimise their exposure to dirt. Place your brushes into a container that zips closed or has a lid to keep the dirt out.

-Avoid using jars without lids for storage, as the brushes will probably end up covered in dirt over time.

2 Clean your brushes weekly with shampoo and hot water.

Sink the bristles of all brushes in warm tap water, and then dip the bristles into a mini bowl of shampoo. Only clean the bristles, not the part of the brush holding the bristles! Submerging the bristle-holding portion of the brush may loosen the sticky material and cause the bristles to fall out. Use your fingers to slowly rub the makeup out of the bristles. Once the shampoo has lathered, catch the bristles under warm tap water until the water runs clear. Leave the brushes on a towel to dry.

For best results, wash one brush at a time.

To keep your brushes gleaming, clean them once a week.

-For a quick way to clear a brush, soak a cotton pad in alcohol and use it to rub the bristles clear.

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