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Cosmetic Box

You Had Never Thought That Owning A Cosmetic Box Could Be So Beneficial!

Women of every age loves to wear makeup to enhance their beauty. However, makeup helps in giving you confidence and enhance your features. All of us know that makeup products are delicate and require more protection. Therefore, cosmetic boxes are available in the market to keep your makeup items secure for a long time. However, in this era packaging also matters as much as the product inside the box. People are conscious of each and everything related to the product they buy. Most of the time clients go for the item external look so you should have an engaging and hypnotizing touch to your cosmetic boxes for more sale. Just like a retailer, it is essential to connect with more clients with the help of your product packaging.

However, product packaging is vital and that must be packed adequately to make your item noticeable among other cosmetic products. You can have custom bundling for any of the beauty care products you manufacture and sell. Moreover, customization and designs are boundless. You can have delightful packaging of Eyelash boxes, hair extension boxes, eye-shadow boxes, moisturizer boxes, cream boxes, foundation boxes, mascara boxes, eye-liner boxes, lipstick boxes, scent boxes, hair color boxes, beard oil boxes, and significantly more. Most likely, cosmetic items should be display and packed in well-altered and customized boxes. This is the main reason that the cosmetic industry is spending a lot of their money on the packaging of their products to attract more customers towards their product.

There are numbers of customization options to pick and extra alternatives are also there to make the boxes more eye-appealing. Companies offer various alternatives, for example, foil stamping, lamination, and embossing, debossing, aqueous coat, spot UV, die-cut window, Pvc window, and so on. Also, you can get these cosmetic packaging with bows, sparkles, and appealing pictures to persuade the clients towards spending on your items. With the help of this tactic, you will have more clients attracted to your product and you can gain more profit.

Cosmetic Box

Different shapes, sizes, etc.

Besides, these boxes come in various sizes, shapes, styles, and formats. Clients can get their cosmetic boxes in their ideal sizes and shapes. However, people give a lot of significance to the packaging of the item. If you are giving excellent items in low-quality boxes it will bring down the selling limit of the item. The top quality packaging boxes draws the attention of individuals towards your product. Therefore, it is necessary to give extraordinary significance to the external look of the bundling.

Moreover, these boxes are sturdy enough to carry numerous items inside one box. Cosmetic packaging boxes contain vigorous and strong material which can assemble more than one of the items in one place. Besides, clients can thicken the layers of cosmetic boxes according to their items. Besides, cosmetic boxes are very popular nowadays. Numerous individuals use cosmetic boxes for gift purposes. Also, they can give fancier look to these boxes by utilizing additional options.

Sufficient scope of material:

While fabricating Cosmetic boxes various materials are accessible. The choice of material relies upon the customer’s preference. However, the material is the most important thing to ensure the safety of the item inside the box. Therefore, this decision must be made wisely. The following are the materials available for customers in the market.

  • Cardstock
  • Cardboard
  • Kraft
  • Rigid
fabricating Cosmetic boxes


Cardstock is used for those products which require more durability. The texture of the cardboard is smooth as compare to other materials. The handling of this material is also easy. However, it is easy to mold in any shape or design and have puncture resist quality. The thickness of cardstock varies from product to product. However, if your item requires then you can easily increase or decrease the thickness of cardstock.


Cardboard is a material that is made up of flutes. The most common thickness for this material is 14Pt. You can increase or decrease the thickness of this material too. Moreover, this is budget-friendly and is recyclable too. Furthermore, cardboard is divided into two types. The first is simple cardboard and the second one is corrugated cardboard. However, corrugated cardboard is a stiff, strong and lightweight material made up of three layers of Kraft paper. The best thing about this material is that it is highly customizable. Clients can have any kind of designing, printing or whatever they want on this material.

Eco-friendly Kraft

Kraft paper boxes are one of the most user-friendly and as well as eco-friendly boxes. However, you can use kraft for numerous packaging items. Kraft comes in a natural brown color. It is bio-degradable material and is puncture resistant. Moreover, Kraft acts as a water-resistant too. people who are conscious about the environment prefer kraft material boxes. 


Rigid packaging is often done for luxury products. If you want to gift any cosmetic item to someone then you must pack it in rigid material boxes. As they give a luxurious look. These boxes are thicker than other boxes. However, the paperboard uses for rigid boxes are four times thicker.

Printing methods for the boxes:

To make your boxes more outstanding printing plays an important role. If your boxes are printed well then this will automatically boost up your sale. Moreover, pointing gives a stylish and unique look to your boxes. You can imprint any logo, image, brand name, artwork, description and anything you want on your boxes. With the help of these customers will easily recognize your product among others. However, there are several companies providing printing services to their customers that’s why competition is quite high and every company comes up with new and unique ideas. There are various techniques of printing which almost every company is providing.

Lithographyor offset printing

For printing in bulk lithography and offset printing is preferable by clients. The best part of offset printing is that it reduces the cost if you use this printing technique for bulk orders. In this method, ink is placed on the plates and then pressed on the paper for printing. However, in modern-day lithography rollers are in use for printing. Lithography has very high and clear print quality. You can use different colors for lithography. Cosmetic boxes, food boxes use this lithographic technique for printing. The main drawback of lithography and offset printing is that both of them can only be used for high volumes of printing. They are costly as compare to other printing methods.

Flexography printing for packaging

This method is quite similar to lithography but instead of flat plates, the light-sensitive polymer is use for printing. However, in flexography printing cost goes down as compare to lithograph. Both water and oil-based inks are used in this technique. However, the result of flexography in quality is low than other methods.

Digital printing

There are various ways of doing digital printing. There are a variety of printers that you can use for this printing. The first one is the inkjet printers. most commonly customers choose this printing. It recreates an image by propelling droplets of ink on the paper. These printers are suitable for printing inexpensive models to expensive models for printing. It is economical for both long-run and short-run printing. However, the second printer is a xerographic printer. The only drawback of digital printing is that its colors do not match with the colors of offset printing.

However, it’s totally up to the customers which printing they want to choose for their boxes. The best printing depends upon your requirements and budget. If you want to go for quality printing then flexography and offset is the best choice.

Digital printing

Redesign your boxes according to your taste:

Moreover, you can design your box with so many additional options. If your budget is low then you need to avoid the additional things. But if you are having a flexible budget then there are a lot of options to choose from. For instance, various coatings in gloss, matte, spot UV, Aqueous UV are there to add more finishing to boxes. Other than this foiling in various colors along with PVC window and die-cut window are also obtainable to add more on demand beauty and chic look to your cosmetic boxes. Embossing and debossing are also there to make your logo or description more visible for customers.        

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