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Why Persuasive Writing? A seismic research about it!

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Why Persuasive Writing? A seismic research about it!

The main purpose of persuasive writing is to take a stance on an issue. It convinces the reader to agree on a particular opinion or idea. This type of writing is usually observed across media in many types of forms, such as reviews, op-eds, and advertisements.

 A persuasive argument that is of good quality, usually comprises a combination of thorough research and careful word choice. The writer presents the idea in a way that reader agrees to it. 

What is Persuasive Writing? 

It is a form of argumentative writing that depicts an emotional appeal and logical arguments that would make a reader agree to a particular point of view. It is an argumentative essay that introduces both sides of a debate and gives a reader informed choice. Moreover, it comprises of all the information that would support your thesis statement. 

It only has the counterarguments as a means to discredit them. It mostly needed to influence people to buy a product or service. There are health magazines that publish columns about the diets that are a must try. According to the expert’s writers at College essay writing service, persuasive writing is one of the most asked question in the examinations. Persuasive writing can be observed everywhere, but the writing process is not that simple as just sharing an opinion.

 The Advantages of Writing Persuasively

It is a useful type of writing, as it allows the writer to clearly present their ideas structured in a convincing way. Moreover, persuasive writing can have a strong impact on the reader, influencing them to believe in a cause and putting out a call to action. Such as voting for a particular political candidate, donating at a hospital or opting for a particular destination for vacation. Overall persuasive writing helps in improving the writer’s ability. It teaches them to use facts and research on a topic and express in a succinct way. Summarizing it all a writer is able to use their main points efficiently and present them in a clear argument. 

Persuasive Essay Outline 

Persuasive essay comprises of an outline that must be followed in order to make the essay effective. In case the first issue stated in the thesis is not addressed in the argument section of the essay then it will all seem abrupt. So make sure to follow the outline mentioned, when writing a persuasive essay. 

“Introductory Paragraph” 

  • Start by grabbing the attention of the reader by using a “hook”
  • Provide an overview of the argument.
  • End the paragraph with a thesis statement that reveals the position that needs to be argued

Body Paragraphs

  • In each paragraph focus should be on one piece of evidence. 
  • In each paragraph, provide sufficient supporting detail. 

Opposing View Paragraph

  • Describe and then refute the key points of the opposing view. 

Concluding Paragraph

  • Come back to the main points and reinforce the thesis and supporting evidence.

Tips for Better Persuasive Writing

Choose the Position

Determine that which side of the issue or problem are going to write on, and also what solution will you offer? In short know the purpose of your study. As it will give you a map that you have to follow. If you have the option to pick, then choose the one you are more passionate about. As it obvious that you also need to do the research but also have a strong opinion about the subject will make the work easier for you.

Know your Audience

First know that who the readers that you need to convince are. Come up with the decision that whether your audience agrees with you, is neutral or disagrees with your stance. Such as you are writing on a promotion of a makeup kit, your audience will be likely be girls. Keep this in mind d when writing to your targeted demographic. 

Research your topic

The main aim of a persuasive essay is to provide with specific and convincing evidence. It is more often observed that the writers need to beyond their knowledge and experience. For example, you need to go to the library or interview some people who have significant knowledge about the particular topic you are writing on. 

Have detailed knowledge about the topic

To add to others people knowledge, first you need to add to your knowledge and learn as much as you can before penning anything down. All you have to do is read thoroughly and use legitimate sources and take notes. 

Test your claim 

The thesis or claim must be a component of a larger issue that must comprise of at least two opposing points. It must be debatable, such as if you can write down a claim that directly opposes your own that you will make sure that the argument is debatable. 

Disprove the opposing claim

Comprehend the opposite viewpoint of your position and then center it by the help of contrasting evidence. You can also look for mistakes and inconsistencies in the logic of the opposing arguments. All these point may help in the defending process. 

Support your position with evidence

This is an important part of a persuasive writing that you must be able to provide evidence that must appeal to reason. For example, facts acts as a powerful means for convincing the reader. These can be attained from reading, personal experience and observation. Moreover, using statistics can provide an excellent support to your argument. However, make sure that your statistics come from a reasonable source.  

The final take away is that persuasive writing plays a significant role in ever field. It convince the reader to believe in an idea or opinion. It is a form of non-fiction writing that the writer uses to develop the logical arguments. The writer has to make thoughtful choice of words and phrases. Advertisements, brochures, reviews, editorials and proposals are some of the examples of pieces of writing that the required the use of persuasion to influence the readers. We hope all the above mentioned reasoning have given you clear understanding that “Why Persuasive Writing”. 

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