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10 Best Photo Scanner Apps for Android/iPhone 2020

Pictures are the beautiful memories that we all keep secured in forms of photo albums. However, as years pass by, the quality of the photo gets deteriorated in albums. Do you want to digitize all your old printed pictures? Do you want to save it on your device? The best scanner app can do it effortlessly.

Here we share a curated list of brilliant photo scanner apps. These apps will digitize photos and other documents to keep them saved on your devices.

 Top 10 Photo Scanner Apps To Digitize Your Photos


When we are talking about photo scanner apps for Android devices, we can not afford to miss FlashScan. It is a comprehensive app that scans all types of papers and photos.

  • Get clear, sharp scans in no time. FlashScan scans every type of documents, photos, etc
  • It offers OCR functionality that perfectly extracts texts from any image.
  • The OCR also offers translation assistance. Users can translate extracted text from English to any other language with the help of OCR.
  • FlashScan is an accurate QR and Barcode reader. It reads codes in a flash.
  • The post-scan editing filters enhance scanning results.
  • Users can anytime scan, save, share, delete and rename any file and documents.

It is a multi-functional photo scanner app that digitizes photos precisely.

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We all know CamScanner. It is the most famous photo scanner app that offers useful functionalities.

  • It instantly digitizes papers by using your device camera. It scans photos and files accurately.
  • It gives the feature of smart cropping that ensures picture quality.
  • The OCR extracts text from images.
  • It helps in searching for documents, editing, and sharing it.

Download for Android & iOS

Adobe Scan

The next in our list of best scanner apps is Adobe Scan. It is one of the most widespread photo scanner apps for iPhone and Android.

  • Turn any of your papers, photos, etc into the Adobe PDF forms. 
  • It is an effortless and authentic PDF scanner app.
  • The built-in OCR tool strives to intensify the file’s graphics and features.
  • Offers the editing option to edit photos and scanned papers.

Download for Android & iOS

Pic Scanner

Do you want a dedicated app that guarantees the best scanning of old photos? Use Pic Scanner. 

  • PicScanner scans old photos keeping the quality intact.
  • Magnify photos by various filters and it allows you to add captions like date, place, names, etc. 
  • Save your photos in a digital album and share it on social platforms directly from them.
  • Offers auto edge detection.

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A wonderful photo scanner app for iPhone and Android devices that scans photos precisely. It uses Google Photos for storage and offers exciting features.

  • A ton of exceptional features like glare elimination and quality enrichment. 
  • Easy to use and straightforward interface.
  • Offers photo touch up and Google integration.
  • A high quality photo scanner app developed by Google.

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This app helps you to scan old pictures and save them effortlessly. This app is fully focused to give you the highest-quality photo scans possible.

  • Descent image resolution features.
  • This app can make a website of your photos.
  •  You can scan multiple photos at a time.
  • An easy to use photo scanner app.

Download for Android & iOS

Photo Scanner Plus

One of the best document and photo scanner apps for the iPhone. It ensures high-quality photo scanning with advanced features.

  • This app can scan many analog photos in a single time and can also scan a complete photo album in just a minute. 
  • It auto-detects photo boundaries and can crop and save your picture into a digital album. 
  • Users can edit, and store scanned images and can share their memories.

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Fast scan

This photo scanner app for android scans photos using your device camera. After scanning, users can add titles, introduction, etc to record the story of a particular photo.

  • It is the quickest and simplest way to scan many paper photos in a single shot.
  • Offers a smart auto-detect picture feature and cropping is very intuitive.
  • Users can export HD photos and can quickly share old photos on social sites.
  • Offers post-scan editing filters.

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Old Photo Scanner

Next in the list of best photo scanner apps is – old photo scanner app. Users can scan as many photos as they want with this multifunctional app.

  • You can instantly scan photos with this app.
  • It also offers captivating editing filters that enhance scanned images.
  • Users can add details about pictures like Album, Event, Time, etc
  • Create unlimited albums and share easily.

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Photo Scanner by Gaba Studio AppsTools

The last app we are recommending here is a Photo Scanner app. This Android scanner app offers priceless features.

  • It offers color scanning and it brilliantly scans grayscale or black and white.
  • Offers a straightforward interface.
  • It automatically identifies the edge of the pages.
  • A brilliant photo scanner app that also scans QR and Barcodes.

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