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“Poha” Signature Meal Of India

“Poha” A Signature Meal Of Indian Cuisine With Growing Process

Poha”, a morning breakfast with a delicious taste in India. It is a very popular breakfast among Indians and said to be a signature meal of India. It gives a perfect kick to start a healthy and hunger-free day. We had surely eaten poha with onion, tomato, potato with many spices, Isn’t your mouth watering? Different names are known it in Indian regions like pauwa, chira, aval, poha and many more. They are eaten as toasted, fried, or used as ingredients or toppings for other dishes. It completely depends on your use, they can be crispy, chewy, or soft in texture with a light spicy taste. You can add peanuts, lime juice and namkeen also for additional topping for a more delicious taste. Let’s get all the information about “Poha”

Main Role Of “Rice” 

Rice has a main role in making Poha or Flattened Rice. We are completely familiar with rice and its farming. First, the fields are ploughed, and fertiliser is applied, typically consisting of cow dung, and then the area is smoothed. To plough better, the farmers mainly prefer Mahindra 475 tractor. Next, the seeds are removed by hand, and then through proper irrigation, the seeds are cultivated. Rice grows on silts, loams and gravel soil.

Poha Speciality In India 

Its origin is India, and India is famous for many Indian cuisines. India is the only country where there is not only a single cuisine. Every Indian region and city has its own speciality in food, so think! There would be how many cuisines in India? 

Poha originated in India and is popular as a snack item in many Indian states like Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Telangana, Odisha, West Bengal, Karnataka, Gujarat and Rajasthan. 

Did you know? Who invented Poha first? 

We have eaten poha so many times from our childhood till now. But had we thought it comes from where and who made and invented it first? So, let’s start with it. 

The Kellogg brothers, we all heard their name in Kellogg cornflakes. They invented the process of making Poha in the 1890s, but if we check our traditions, Poha is far older. Poha is called Flattened Rice in English.

Varieties Of Poha 

Everything has its own type, whether it is a food item or any other thing. Here we are talking about poha, which is very famous in Madhya Pradesh, India. You can find poha in every corner of Madhya Pradesh. Only Madhya Pradesh considers 20 varieties of Poha

1. Tomato Poha

Tomato Poha is the best choice of quick breakfast on rushed mornings. Poha is very light to digest, and it is perfect for losing weight. Tomato poha tastes good, and green peas could improve their quality and taste.

2. Karwar Poha

It is a very nutritious dish made from poha. Phodni means plain or garnished quality. The use of cashew nuts adds a delicious crunch to it. Unfortunately, you cannot find this Poha easily, and you will be required to do little research.

3. Mixed Veg. Poha

This sweet, spicy, and tangy poha with roast peanuts and the flavour of lemon, along with the roasting vegetables, is a delight for this dish.

4. Curd Poha

In your poha, they will add curd and spices, which is quite delicious. Then, you ask them to add according to your choice and preferences.

5. Upma Poha
6. Oatmeal Poha
7. Indori Poha
8. Matar Poha
9. Bengali Poha
10. Kanda Poha
11. Khara Avalakki Poha
12. Aloo Poha
13. Gojju Poha
14. Goan Poha
15. Avalakki Poha
16. Idli Poha
17. Chapati Poha
18. Cutlet Poha
19. Gujrati Poha
20. Jalebi Poha

There are more than 100 dishes which are made by Poha. Let’s check a few dishes. 

  • Corn Poha.
  • Poha Dhokla.
  • Poha Cutlet 
  • Mixed Sprouts Poha
  • Poha Dosa 
  • Aval Dosa with Curd
  • Poha Yellow Moong Dal Dosa
  • Green Pea Poha, Matar Poha
  • Jada Poha Chivda and so many dishes there are by Poha

Health benefits Of Poha 

  • It controls blood sugar levels 
  • It has an excellent probiotic and helps to reduce carbs
  • A Good Source Of Healthy Carbohydrates
  • Poha is easy to digest 
  • It considers rich iron and low calories

How to produce Poha?

We have eaten Poha so many times but had we thought, poha comes from where? Poha is made by boiling or soaking them in hot water for 45 minutes. They are then dried, roasted, and then levelled with rollers. They come in thin, medium, and wide varieties. Rice also has a wide variety according to Indian regions and farming. For better and productive farming a farmer mainly chooses a Mahindra 575 tractor to plough. It gives them complete satisfaction and better output.  

Flattened rice (poha) is precisely that: rice that has literally been flattened. To make it at home, the rice is absorbed overnight in water, then flattened, then dried. To make it commercially, the rice is separated, then washed, roasted, then skinned and polished, then rolled to make it flat, then sieved and exhausted. 

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