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Pros and Cons of Working for the Government

Some occupations, including those of police officers, firefighters, and social workers, are well suited for government employment. But there are innumerable additional jobs available in the government, including those for accountants, computer programmers, and human resource managers. Both the public and private sectors have these.

How do you decide between working in the public or private sector? When it comes to government work, there are advantages and disadvantages to weigh, just like with any decision.

Main Points

  • Any position where you work for the government is referred to as a government job.
  • Government positions often have high perks and are steady.
  • Unfortunately, no matter how well you perform, government employees’ salaries and earnings are frequently restricted.
  • Security clearance is frequently required for positions with the federal government, and the application procedure might take a year or more.

How Do Government Jobs Work?

A job with the government is one where you are employed by the government. The federal, state, county, or municipal levels might be involved. You could serve the government or the people, but most of the time you’ll serve both.


The difference is that the government organization provides your wages and benefits.

Cons and Pros of Working for the Government


  • Government employment offers security.
  • Jobs in the government are flexible.
  • Benefits are frequently excellent.
  • You should have plenty of free time.


  • Growth in pay might be gradual.
  • Income is restricted.
  • Your ability to govern your employment will be restricted.

Pros Presented

  • Stability: The government never goes out of business, in contrast to the private sector where businesses might fail. Although organizations or offices could change or close, there will always be employment in government. To carry out the duties that are exclusively performed by the government, personnel are required, and more employees are required to assist them.
  • Flexibility: In the great majority of government jobs, employees may easily maintain a healthy work/life balance. In government organizations, telecommuting and flexible work arrangements are typical. Governmental agencies have started supplying tools to enable a mobile workforce for positions where workers must perform a large portion of their work outside of the office.
  • Benefits: Employees in the public sector frequently receive better health insurance with more affordable premiums and advantageous retirement schemes. In extended recessions, both the public and private sectors’ benefit programs deteriorate, but the public sector’s benefits remain superior.
  • Time off: Leave accruals are liberal, and supervisors frequently provide their approval for vacation time. There are federal holidays.


Governments at the state and local levels occasionally observe extra holidays.

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Cons Explanation

  • Slow wage growth: Only a small portion of top performers receive merit raises, and cost-of-living adjustments approved for government workers seldom ever keep up with inflation. Government workers must compete for open positions with higher compensation in order to receive significant salary increases. If you want to earn one of the top incomes, it is impossible to stay employed by the same company.
  • Capped earning potential: Executives in the public sector may get lower salaries than those in the private sector in comparable roles and locations.2 Senior public servants may leave the public sector in search of higher salaries in the private sector.
  • Low degrees of control: Bureaucracy irritates people in other ways as well. Additionally, it is a problem for government personnel who value efficiency. You should anticipate that many small and large choices will go through a formal approval procedure.

How Can You Get a Job in the Government?

Whatever you want to do, there’s a good chance the government will let you do it. Simply be sure you’re prepared to put up with the drawbacks in return for the benefits.

You may use the search feature on the federal government’s USAJOBS website to find out what jobs are open at any particular moment. You may also look at how your state and local governments hire. Additionally, several schools partner with governments to place their pupils.

Questions and Answers (FAQs)

How long does it take to complete a background check for a federal government position?

Obtaining a government security clearance might take several months to a year. It depends on the degree of clearance necessary for the job and how many individuals are waiting in line ahead of you for an investigation and clearance.

Which position in the US government has the highest salary?

As of 2020, a medical officer was the post with the highest compensation in the federal government. That year, the average salary was $251,055.46.

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