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How to Remove Local Access Protection From NSF Files?

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The NSF (Notes Storage Facility) is an IBM Lotus Notes compatible database. NSF owns all of the contents of the Lotus Notes mailbox, including e-mail, contacts, appointments, calendars, and more. The administrator of the Lotus Notes applies security devices to protect data from various harmful unauthorized access.

However, there are some situations when users with permission to access the document cannot access it. That time they find a better way to remove the local access protection from NSF files instantly.

So let’s discuss further that what is Lotus Notes local access protection is:

Additional Details of Notes Local Access Protection

Lotus Notes users use (ACL) Access Control Lists to administer restrictions and restrict user behavior. When a new user logs on account to the domino server, the administrator’s first step is to apply ACL factors to the account. Throughout the forensic analysis of the NSF file, this activity enhances cumbersome as investigators have difficulty accessing the file. 

When any of user tries to access the password-protected Lotus Notes database file, they receive the different kind of error messages, like :

  • You are not authorized to perform that operation.
  • You are not authorized to access that database.

So, next, we are going to talk about methods to solve this NSF local security removal issue.

Remove Local Access Protection From NSF Files Manually?

After understanding local access protection, users can begin the process of removing local access protection from NSF files. The method mentioned here does not require a user ID or password.

  1. First of all, replace the user-ID with the suitable NSF-user ID you want to open.
  2. Now, open the NSF files that you need to access or extract the password on the Lotus Notes client.
  3. After that, tap on the Choose View -> Advanced Menus.
  4. Select the file you want to open and access. File => Application => New Copy
  5. At last, determine the location where you want to see your file and provide it a name. 

(You need to clear the Access Control List check box.)

  1. Then, press the OK button to create a new NSF file. 
  2. You can remove local security from NSF files and open NSF files without entering a password.

Difficulties in Manual Methods 

A professional user is always short of time as they have to complete a lot of tasks at a time. So, as usual, there are a lot of time-saving issues in manual methods. Sometimes, the processing stops in the middle, due to which there can be a risk of data corruption and you may have to face major data loss.

Remove Local Access Protection From NSF Files Using Skilled Method

There is only one option to avoid the hassle of the manual method, which also saves the precious time of the users and provides accurate results. Utilize the most skilled lotus notes local access protection removal tool the  NSF Security Remover, with this users can receive a precise solution. So, to remove local access protection from the NSF files, this tool will surely provide a precise result. The free version of the NSF security remover tool can remove security of less than 2 MB NSF files.


In brief, we recommend here both the manual and the skilled techniques to Remove Local Access Protection From NSF files. The main difference between both methods is that the manual method does not have the assurance of saving time and data, whereas there is no place for all these difficulties in the skilled method. The data integrity of the user is always maintained here. Therefore, you can use the expert solution to remove local access protection from NSF files without a password.

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