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Choosing the Right Restream Service for Your Streaming Business

In the ever-expanding world of online streaming, reaching a wider audience is key to success. One effective way to achieve this is by using a restream service. Multistreaming platform allows you to broadcast your content simultaneously on multiple streaming platforms. 

The most popular streaming platforms do not allow you to stream live content and instead require you to record your videos using a hard drive or online storage. Here, we’ll explore the factors to consider when choosing the right restream service for your streaming venture.

What is Restream?

First of all, in case you’re unfamiliar with restream services, they are the ones that allow you to broadcast your live content from one platform to another. Restreaming is also referred to as multi-platform streaming. The first platform is primary streaming, and the rest are secondary streaming. You must decide which primary streaming service is best for your broadcasts before looking at the secondary ones because this will determine which secondary options are available for you.

6 Compelling Reasons to Consider Alternatives to Restream:

While Restream is a popular platform for multicasting your live streams to multiple destinations, there are compelling reasons to explore alternatives. 

1. Limited Customization:

Restream’s customization options for branding and overlaying graphics on your streams may be limited for some users. Restream alternative offers more extensive customization features, allowing you to create a unique and engaging streaming experience for your audience.

2. Pricing Structure: 

Restream charges you per platform, which means you’ll be charged each time you stream your content to another platform. You may not need to constantly restream your content on other platforms. 

3. No Scheduling: 

Many streaming services allow broadcasters to schedule their broadcasts in advance and manage them through an easy-to-use interface. Some streaming platforms offer an embeddable player or a downloadable app.

4. High Latency: 

Restream’s high bandwidth latency is its most significant drawback. Latency adds unnecessary delay to your broadcasts and can result in viewer frustration and lower viewership.

5. Limited Filtering Capabilities: 

Restream offers limited filtering capabilities for the Restream live streaming of adult content, politics, hate speech, and copyrighted material. Some streaming platforms may allow you to filter content based on ratings, themes, and keywords.

6. No Hardware: 

Multistreaming platform providers were built for streaming content over the web, which means it will not work on third-party hardware. For example, if you want to stream a local event with Restream, you won’t be able to see that broadcast because it’s not compatible with their software. 

What is the Restream Pricing? 

Restream pricing offers a variety of pricing plans to cater to the diverse needs of its users. Depending on your needs, you can choose the free plan, which offers 500 MB bandwidth and a multi-channel stream. The premium plan gives you 3 GB of bandwidth per channel, which is enough for most broadcasters. Restream also offers a third-party app development service. 

Top 5 Restream Alternatives in 2023 for Multi-Platform Streaming:

1. StreamYard: 

A unique multi-platform streaming service, StreamYard lets you stream your content on multiple channels simultaneously. Streamyard broadcasting platform allows you to create customized streams to your audience in real-time. One of its best features is the customizable player templates. Another great thing is that it offers a free plan for users who want to try the service before committing to premium features and packages.

2. OnTheFly: 

OnTheFly has a unique feature called “MultiMode,” which allows you to configure the player for various purposes, such as Live streaming platform, video looping, or pre-recorded video playlists. It also offers 2GB bandwidth per channel, which is sufficient for most users. You can customize your live streams by adding different overlays or creating a unique broadcasting schedule.


This multi-platform streaming service has been designed specifically for gamers and allows you to stream live content to Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, Mixer, and other platforms simultaneously. One of its best features is the automatic chat transfer between all your streaming platforms. You can manage all your chats in one centralized location without logging into each platform individually. 


Better known as OBS Studio, this is a powerful free software that you can use to stream your live content to platforms like YouTube Live, Facebook Live, Twitch, Microsoft Stream, and Hitbox. It also supports streaming to mobile devices and can mix the audio from different sources. The best thing about it is that it allows you to create custom scenes that you can use to organize your broadcasts by device and by priority.


One of the best features of this streaming service is that it has a content library called IVY, which allows you to upload your media files and display them on your live streams in real time. It also allows you to edit your streams using different effects and overlays. 


Streaming is a huge opportunity for online businesses to reach their target audience. With the rise of social media influencers and the growing popularity of live-streaming apps, it’s no surprise that more and more brands are eager to get into the game and leverage streaming for their business promotion. However, using a single platform for all your streaming needs may not be the best option because platforms.