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Roofing Upgrade: Essentials of Downpipes and the Right Time for Upgrade

The rainwater downpipes in the home’s structure are very important. When you call for a roofing upgrade, always ensure that this part of the roofing system is attended to. When your downpipes are bad, you may be faced with a lot of issues. In this article, we will discuss the essentials of downpipes and signs you would see to know when you need a repair or an upgrade. 

Roofing Upgrade: Functions of Downpipes in the Home

Downpipes protect your home by collecting water and channeling them away from the building. The water is taken down the pipe and released into the main drainage. Your foundation is meant to be free from water, so the downpipes help to keep the foundation safe from flooding. In addition, the home roofing system, siding, and ground around your home will be in good condition if your downpipes work perfectly. However, when you start having issues with your downpipes, you could end up with a pool of water around your building or a soggy roof. 

Common Downpipe Issues

Just like every other aspect of the roofing system, there are several problems faced with downpipes if proper care is not taken. There are two types of downpipes issues. One of them is that the downpipe will not work fine if your gutters are not working right. Your gutter should not be too small or full of debris. It can lead to an overflow of water over your sides and affect your home’s exterior walls. 

The second issue is when the downpipes are not working well. It may be that there are unnoticed cracks, and water is not channeled in the right direction. In this case, water will flow through the cracks instead of passing through the pipes downwards. Dents and debris clogs can also cause water backup.

Professional Standard for Downpipes Maintenance

Maintenance of downpipes is not complicated. Downpipes are meant to be kept clean and in perfect condition. Always ensure that the pipes are rightly aligned with your gutter. When there is a bad storm, the pipes can be shifted from the position where they connect with the gutter base. During your annual roof inspection, it is good to have your gutter and downpipes checked. If your gutter system is aged, then consider replacing them.

At What Time Does One Need More Downpipes?

When you notice that your gutter seems to overflow upon your good maintenance, you should know that it is time to get more downpipes or upgrade your gutter system. Large roofs with deep slopes have more runoffs. If you notice that your homebuilders did not erect a standard gutter system for your building, you would need to upgrade it. You can also try out larger downpipes and larger gutters.


The downpipes are an important part of the gutter system. So it is good to make sure they are functioning right. Other home parts can get damaged if you neglect to fix damaged downpipes. More so, inadequate downpipes can lead to further issues. So when carrying out your roofing upgrade, ensure that every issue with your roofing system is fixed. When every vital part of the roofing system works fine, then you will enjoy much safety and comfort under your roof.