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Skin Care Products That Don’t Suck the Skin Dry and Itchy

All the skin care products you see advertised on TV and magazines contain chemicals that are unsafe for your skin. The major cosmetics companies have known this for years. They hid this information in their labels to keep their products from being labeled as “cosmetics” which would be regulated.

There are many chemicals that are not safe for your skin or may cause some harmful substances to build up in your body. The secret that the major cosmetic companies never reveal is that they use petrochemicals. Petrochemicals are byproducts of crude oil extraction and are extremely dangerous to your health.

Petrochemicals are even more dangerous than lead in gasoline, as they are bio-accumulative. We absorb these toxins in our food chain from the animals we eat and our water. The petrochemicals that make up your skin care products may come from the following sources:

Petrolatum is a mixture of two fats, which include lard and butter. It can be derived from animal fat. It may contain lauric acid, which is also found in plants, beeswax, soybean oil, palm oil, coconut oil, sesame and Castor oil. Petrolatum is commonly used in skin care products because it is a hard-wearing, waterproof, slip-resistant substance, which can give a “wet” finish to the skin.

Mineral oils are also man-made skin care products. The fact that it can react with the proteins of your skin and cause it to become dry is not the only problem. It is also very carcinogenic. Mineral oils are commonly used in all skin care products.

Petrochemicals, combined with other chemicals, can penetrate your skin. When they do, they are absorbed through your pores, through your hair follicles and into your bloodstream. It is likely that the compounds are kept in your blood for years. Eventually, the results will appear in your tissues and organs.

When you purchase a cosmetic company’s product, your money goes directly to the cosmetics company, but your skin and its health are not benefited. These corporations need to find better ways to generate the revenue needed to pay for their cosmetic products. If they had to charge more for their products, they would lose money.

Big cosmetic companies use all kinds of chemicals in their products. In addition to using petrochemicals, the major companies also use additives, preservatives, and fragrance. Although these ingredients are not dangerous, they also have never been approved by the FDA.

Cosmetics are not a healthful thing for your skin. These skin care products are filled with dangerous chemicals and other toxins that have been proven to cause cancer, infertility, birth defects, organ toxicity, and other serious health problems. The chemicals used in these products may damage your liver, kidneys, and thyroid glands, and they may increase your risk of developing allergies, as well.

It has been illegal for the cosmetics industry to list the ingredients in their products. If they did, it would be easier for consumers to know what they were putting on their skin. There is no requirement to list the ingredients on a label, so don’t be fooled when you see a product with a “natural” label.

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