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5 Social Media Strategies You Can Use to Boost Your SEO

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Google’s algorithm undergoes constant changes and updates. There is no significant proof that links social media posts with high search rankings. Matt Cutts, a renowned software engineer and former head of search quality at Google released a video in 2014. The video stated that social media factors such as comments, likes and followers do not affect search rankings.

This statement confused marketing teams to a great extent. In 2010, Cutts had revealed that social signals were a relevant factor in ranking. These contrasting views annoyed marketing experts. However, the practical results proved that social media factors influenced search engine rankings.

Can social media channels affect search rankings?

Social media links can boost your search ranks.

Social media popularity influences search rankings. Every social media influencer will post links on different platforms. These links serve as strong backlinks that ultimately improves a page ranking. Hence, influencers with loads of fan following on social media platforms can generate more audience to view websites. This increase in user response hikes the page ranking on search engines.

Social media profiles do appear in search results.

When you search for a brand or celebrity on Google, their social media links will also appear in the search results. These search results prove that Google finds the social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and more to be relevant and informative. Due to this reason, investing in building a social media profile will help prospective customers build a loyal relationship with the brand.

Social media channels is the new SEO

Gone are the days when Google and Bing were the only relevant search engines. Nowadays, social media channels have proven to be widely-used search engines. Nowadays, people look for information about specific brands on social media channels. A web page feels impersonal and formal. A social media platform like Instagram or Facebook provides deeper insights into the company’s goals and objectives. Also, an updated social media profile will help connect better with the audience. Social media platforms let you display your regular work for followers to view. Hashtags and other factors can help you categorize your content and create the required buzz.

Google might introduce social media factors in the future.

Currently, the Google algorithm might not support social media channels. But, this is not guaranteed for the future. Considering the social media popularity there are a lot of chances that Google and other famous search engines might include these factors in their algorithms. A smart brand will not neglect this social media influence.

Many other search engines use social media signals.

Google is the most widely used search engine. Many search engines like Bing, YahooSearch, Baidu, Yandex, etc. are used by people worldwide. Bing has publicly stated that it makes use of social media signals for search rankings. In 2018, there were 33% US users for Bing. Hence, social media channels can boost search rankings on these search engines.

How can you boost SEO with the help of social media strategies?

Build an engaging brand presence on social media channels.

Content is king on social media. You need to build a social media page with posts and campaigns that garner more attention. A unique tone for your content will help differentiate you from the others. Your followers need to recognize your work across multiple platforms. There are many social media influencers today. To stand out, creatively optimize the content. Moreover, try to reduce the time a viewer needs to invest in reading or listening to your posts.

Increase followers by contacting influencers

Click here to check out more about hire SEO expert service who will help you build a loyal follower base on social media channels. The total number of followers, likes and comments can significantly contribute to your Search engine ranking. However, make sure that the content quality stays intact in this process. While increasing your followers, you need to ensure that they like your content and wish to view your posts regularly. Buying fake followers will not guarantee long time benefits. Follow influencers in your niche. You can offer privileges, giveaways for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram follows and mentions.

Try to increase shares and likes.

A social media team will help you build quality content. But, this will not ensure better ranking. You need to engage with people and influence shares and likes from them. Using hashtags can create trends that go on for days. Shares, likes and comments garner more customer attention and higher rankings. This attention will indirectly influence search ranking. You can ask questions and get to know your followers better. Live chats will also help you build a one to one bond with a prospective user. Make sure that you respond to comments and format tweets for retweeting.

Content optimization

To increase search engine ranking, make sure that you provide optimized content. You need to research about the widely used keywords and develop hashtags using them. Include the right keywords in your post headings, tags, captions, etc. Use the SEO keywords in your texts, bios, links and more.

Keywords are an influencing factor that affects search result ranking. Hire SEO expert who will help you identify potential keywords. The SEO experts and your social media team will help you make wise choices using the keywords effectively. Identifying the right keyword is the first step to optimizing your content. An able marketing team will help you plan campaigns that promote and associate these keywords for your brand.

Use multiple social media platforms.

The social media trends change daily. In the last decade, we have witnessed many people shift from Facebook to Instagram and Twitter. You need to research and find social media platforms your target population uses. Do not stick to a single platform only. Try to devise content that can be reused and posted on multiple platforms. The social media world is unpredictable. New applications and platforms are coming up each day. With time, the trending applications keep on changing regularly. You need to build your brand profiles on different platforms to reach more people.

On social media, entertain and prioritize the interests of your followers. Plan your content smartly. Reach out to more followers and give them content that they will enjoy. You can provide entertainment and information at the same time. Moreover, you also need to engage with your followers and watch their reaction to the posts.

Initially, you will need to put in efforts for followers, likes and shares. With time, all you need to do is provide engaging content to your vast follower base. You need to maintain the quality of your content for better engagement. Try new trends and keep improving consistently instead of being mundane with the content quality and type. Ultimately, strong content combined with a loyal follower base will help you generate high search rankings.

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