Why Tanjore Painting is Absolute Unique

Tanjore painting’s special feature is its bright and vivid colors, which people usually prefer to make their home as per their tastes. This is a form of art that originated from the Tamil Nadu state. The craftsman gives more importance to detail when he tries to create a beautiful work of art. The tanjore painting are based on nature, humans, Love, mythological images, deities, and many more.

Where is Tanjore Painting Originated

Tanjore paintings or Thanjavur paintings originate from the Tamil Nadu state. Paintings made generally are beautifully decorated using precious stones, cut glass, etc. These are then trimmed with precious metal.

In this type of paintings, people have a lot of options in the form of subjects. You can also use Gods, water, lotus flower, and other such interesting objects. Other works under this category are mostly related to seasonal themes. Birds, flowers, domestic animals, human beings, and many more are all part of this special category of paintings.

When people make contributions to this art, they feel a deep sense of satisfaction. It has also been founded that this art can be applied to almost any surface. Tanjore paintings are mostly handcrafted. But with the advent of modern tech, this art has also been made electronically. The new techniques enable this art to be created even more efficiently.

How Online Stores Has Huge Varity of Collections

If you are interested in buying Tanjore paintings, you can visit online stores that offer many such paintings. Online stores have a huge variety of attractive Tanjore paintings to offer, along with reasonable prices. The various elements should be kept in mind while selecting a particular painting. It’s better to choose a subject which is unique from the other subjects. Your choice should also be according to the theme of the occasion.

Before selecting a particular subject, it’s important to know what the theme of the event is. This will help you decide on the right subject. The subject should also relate to the theme of the decoration and the overall look of the room. If the subject of the art is unique, it’s better to show some pictures of it. These pictures can act as a preview of the final work.

Some artists also showcase some sample work on their websites. It’s advisable to go through such samples before buying the complete artwork. Some sites have written content on their website, which also acts as a preview of the work. Some websites provide the viewer the option to download a free trial copy of the work. Such options can also prove beneficial as you can check whether you like the art before making the payment.

Form and Complexity of Tanjore Painting 

Tanjore paintings are usually available in medium to large format paintings. They are available in subjects such as landscapes, portraits, flowers, fruits, and several others. The price range of these types of paintings depends on the format and the complexity of the subject. There are many art galleries available on the internet that display a range of Tanjore paintings. You can select any painting according to your preference and budget.

The prices of the original pieces and those copies that have been sold in the past are also not negligible. The unique paintings are also highly sought after due to their quality and rarity. You can also buy these paintings from reputed galleries.

Interesting Style of Depicting Stories Inside the Painting

The Tanjore artists have an interesting style of depicting stories. Some paintings depict a scene from a story, while others prefer to depict a dream. The subjects can be abstract as well as realistic. You can also get Tanjore oil paintings depicting a particular theme and genre of movies. Some of the movies commonly loved by people include Love, Edward Scissorhands, Pirates of the Caribbean, etc.

Tanjore paintings portray a different kind of style. As you look at the paintings, you will find that the style varies depending upon the theme that is being portrayed. The subject matter can be anything. These include flowers, humans, animals, the face of different personalities, different colors, landscapes, and many other things. The paintings will also differ depending on the artist and their style.

If you want to purchase the original artwork of Tanjore, then you need to visit some of the online stores that are popular with customers. There you can check out all the available pieces. You can also see images of the tanjore painting to know how they would look like when they are painted on your walls. This is a unique way to get the perfect wall decoration. The prices offered by these stores are also quite reasonable.

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