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Things To Consider Before Head Shaving

While deciding on shaving the head, the first thing that came to your mind must be the requirement of a Head Shaver. No doubt it is of utmost importance to invest in a decent shaving tool for a smooth shaved head but there are also some other things to consider.

Head shaving has of late garnered quite a popularity among men for the convenience of maintenance and the cost-effective solution that it poses. 

The quarantine period saw more and more men embracing the bald head for its convenience. With limited access to salons and hairdressers, this was the easiest way out for self-grooming. Simply by getting hold of a Bald Head Shaver, the strenuous task of hairstyling seemed achievable and also with limited resources men were able to flaunt their style goals by opting for a shaved head. The quarantine period is now over, and the world is getting back to its normal self, the salons are reopening, and newer hairstyles hitting the fashion space. However, the timeless bald look had managed to make a stunning comeback and men who had once shaved their heads are finding it difficult to leave behind the comfort and convenience of the shaved head. 

While considering going bald and shaving off the manes there are certain very important steps to look out for. If you are one of those men who are tempted to don a shaved head appearance, give it a read to understand the factors that deserve a thorough check before you start shaving.

Head Shape:

For those who follow fashion magazines religiously must know that a round-shaped head is the most favourable for flaunting a bald look. If you are shaving your hair for style then considering the shape of your head before shaving is appreciable. However, if shaving the head is more of a compromise rather than style then look for beard styles and fashion trends that could make up for the bald head appearance. On the contrary, you can also opt for a buzz cut which also is very much on trend and looks fashionably appealing.

The Right Way:

Another essential step to consider before shaving the head is that you need to be sure that you are aware of the right way of shaving. Along with the right shaving tool, the right method of shaving is also very important. When planning to opt for a complete shaved head, it is recommended that the hair is first trimmed to a smaller length and then the shaver head should be used for the bald finish. While using an electric shaver remember to run the blade with the grain of the hair and not against it. 

Be Committed and Confident:

Opting for a bald head means that you are making a life-changing decision as you have to rethink your hair care and grooming essentials in a completely new light. The most essential factor in successfully donning a bald head is to carry it with confidence. 

You might have heard that confidence is contagious, so when you walk into a room full of men with your bald head with confidence, in no way can someone make the move to disgrace you for a bald head. Moreover, confidence is the best perfume to wear so take up the challenge and floor everyone with your outlook and confidence. 

However, apart from being confident in your skin, it is also essential that you are fully committed to the shaved look. Grooming the shaved head regularly and shaving off any trace of hair that grows above the scalp can help in maintaining the look properly.

The care Regime:

When you are shaving off the hair, you are exposing the head skin to pollution, sunlight, and many degrading factors. So, understanding the potential threats that these damaging factors can pose to the scalp you should consider investing in proper bald head grooming products. 

Never settle with the idea that using a  Bald Head Shaver for shaving is all you need to worry about. There is much more to the hair care regime for a shaved head than you think. Regular moisturization and the use of sunscreen are a must as the head will be directly exposed to the sunlight and stands the chance to skin damage and tanning. Settle for a strict pre-shave and after-shave care routine along with regular washing and exfoliating in regular intervals for fresh, nourished, and healthy skin of the scalp. 

Dryness is one of the biggest concerns that bald men face, so taking care of the hydration and moisturization of the scalp is a basic necessity. It is recommended to wear a cap while being outdoors or in the sun for a longer period.

Final Word

These tips can help you in maintaining your shaved head look and avoid unnecessary concerns regarding the bald head. Needless to say, a Head Shaver is the priority when considering opting for a bald head but using the head shaver in the right way and taking care of the simple factors can help you in keeping up the style game.