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Top 10 Instructional Design Course

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Instructional Design Course

Being an instructional designer is a challenging task. One must be aware of the entirety of the subject knowledge to be able to design the course. One must also take into account that the learners might be completely unaware of the topic and the course structure must be able to guide them from step 1. The instructional designer is responsible for designing and developing all the materials, including the course syllabus and the presentation materials. The materials must cover all the essential topics and make sure the learners would be able to understand them.

It must be implemented as  high quality and be understandable for the learners to learn and understand an entirely new topic. This course is growing faster and is a requirement in many corporations, where the newer trainees are educated through this and are the ones that get the most benefit from this course. This Instructional Design Course represents much more than teaching as it gives a whole lot of importance to the learners’ perspective and focuses on catering to their needs.  

A look back at Instructional Designing

This is not a newer course. Infact, being an instructional designer dates way back in time, way to the time of World War II, but addressed in different names and has evolved over time to be the one that we know and use and learn today. They used this process in the U.S. military, at first for Engineering. This is a method for easier, faster and efficient learning by saving so much time. Then, the method gradually evolved throughout the years in many forms and inspired and influenced the teaching field. This opened up new possibilities in the field of learning as well as teaching, by implementing the change in every element- perceiving, designing and delivering a specific topic to the learners.

Important traits of Instructional Designing

There are some important elements of instructional designing course that are commonly used in every topic in every designing course. They serve as the yardstick to make sure the project is working. Some of those traits include but not limited to,

  • Designing
  • Developing
  • Evaluating
  • Analyzing
  • Implementing
  • Understanding

It is vital for an instructional designer to take these measuring steps into account while designing the course.

There are many programmes, universities and online learning platforms that offer this course both online and offline. They also offer certification courses, diplomas, mini courses, live classes and online interactive classes. The following list is the top 10 instructional design course.

1.  Henry Harvin

Henry Harvin offers an 11 module curriculum, with more than 12 projects for instructional design course. Besides having 16 hours of online live training sessions, one can attend unlimited live batches. The classes are conducted by experts with more than 10 years of experience in the field. One can also attend multiple batches from multiple trainers. And the learners get access  to multiple tools, videos and assessments. By the end of the course, one can have the insight on how to design a course, tools and techniques involved and effective ways of delivering it. One also receives the CDIS certificate from Henry Harvin at the completion of the course.

Henry Harvin Also Provide:

2.  Udemy

Udemy offers the top rated online courses for the instructional design course, with several options available for the learners to pick from. One can actually cover numerous topics from instructional design for e-learning course that comprises 4.5 hours of on-demand videos, about 96 downloadable videos and course completion certificate. One can learn the current tools and designs used in the process in this course. They also provide instructional design pro. in three parts for mastery level. Each course has separate materials and course curriculum from which the learners might be learning the easy and fast way to design the curriculum.

3.  Swayam

Swayam is a free online portal introduced by the government of India. The portal is popular among the college goers. This is a 16 week course module that covers all the

This course is for teachers, trainers and anyone interested in the instructional design topic. The course is MDE-412: Instructional Design and only the post-graduates are eligible for this course. Taught by the trainer with more than 30 years of experience, this course covers the essentials of the instructional design course, including the format for all mediums, basics and characteristics of the course. By the end of this course, one might become a master in creating an effective learning environment for any mode of learning.

4.  LinkedIn

LinkedIn provides an 8 part course module with 8 hours of content. The essential part of the course is to help the learners master the essential elements of the course. This course is helpful for the learners who want to make a career in e-learning, online training, corporate learning and development. One might also be able to learn a wide range of topics like creative video training, working with SMEs, measuring learning effectiveness and much more. They also provide separate courses for beginners like Instructional Design Essentials: Models of ID, Instructional Design: Adult learners, Become an Instructional Developer and so on.

5.  KPMG

This is a 7 module course for anyone who is interested in instructional designing and for the beginners in the field. Freshers, technical writers, content developers, trainers from any field who might be assigned to create the instructions to their trainees. The course is conducted by the trainers, each with years of experience and experts in the related field. The course includes 36 hours of live, interactive sessions for 3 days a week that spans for 6 weeks. The classes are self-paced, assignment and project based learning and by the end of this course, the learners have gained the knowledge of every step in the topic.

6.  Coursera

Coursera offers different courses on instructional designing. The courses are 100% online and it is a certification course. The deadlines are flexible and can be changed according to one’sschedule. Each course has its own time period. The course covers all the essential elements regarding instructional designing and that includes the concepts, methods, application, process and analysis. Some of the course titles include- Instructional Design Foundations and Applications, Online Learning Design for Educators, Advanced Instructional Strategies in the Visual Classroom and many more.

7.  Association for Talent Development

At the ATG organization, the instructional design course is offered on demand and on live interactive sessions. The live sessions are conducted in a few cities in the US and live online sessions are also available. The course is a scheduled one. This is a 7 part course with almost 21 hours of learning that covers the topics of instructional design such as analysis, designing, development, implementation, evaluation and more. This course is built for learners who are beginners as well as learning professionals, trainers and practitioners.

8.  Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning

Symbiosis offers a Post Graduate Diploma in instructional design. This course spans for a year and it comprises 2 semesters. The entirety of the instructional designing topic is covered during this course. The student must have a bachelor’s degree to apply for this course. Symbiosis is an approved program by AICTE, government of India. PGDID equips the learners with the required basic skills of the topic through theoretical and practical ways and through e-learning modules and practical applications, the learners are able to explore and understand the topic.

9.  EdX

edX offers the micro masters program in instructional design and technology. The duration of this course is 8 months with 8-10 hours of classes per week. The classes are conducted by the experts in the field, for the 4-levels of courses. In this course, the learners would learn contemporary theories and apply instructional design models for enhancing the online learning experience. Apart from that, the learners also learn about the evaluating, designing and data mining to support the process of online learning. Certificate is provided to the learners at the completion of the course.

10.Oregon State University

This is an online course. To provide solutions for the currently high-demand online learning method, Oregon State University has introduced the E-Learning Instructional Design and Development Certificate Course. The course is of five parts and if the beginner is learning, one must go through the 5 courses sequentially to understand the concept. The course offers insight and focuses on developing effective e-learning, developing curriculum, and making the learners engaged in the class. Most importantly, one might also learn the strategies to tackle the online instructions and online learning process as a whole to create a solution that meets today’s needs.

In this fast-paced, ever-updating environment, it is very crucial for one to update themselves to the contemporary. This is essential, especially in the teaching/instructing field. The growing technologies require modern solutions to be able for one to decode it and remake it into a course that is applicable to the learners of all the levels. This calls for having the expertise in the field of technology, learning methods, psychology and designing the curriculum besides understanding the subject matter as well as the learners. For this, learning the instructional design course is essential.

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