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Top 10 Best White Label GPS Tracking Software

Every industry is seeing an increase in opportunity due to customers’ growing needs. It makes sense that technology has optimized scalability and growth for various industries; nonetheless, only a few organizations have a noteworthy growth trend. The fleet industry is changing rapidly and updating with new technology. One such update is investing in the best white-label GPS tracking software.

This technology has become a vital tool for many industries, from strengthening driver safety and managing precious assets to optimizing fleet efficiency and supply chain operations.

GPS tracking software is enabling fleets, logistics, and transportation companies to expand faster. Nevertheless, unlike their rivals, some small, medium, and even large businesses cannot multiply their profits. So, what exactly is going wrong there? They need to invest more in fleet tracking software.

This article provides insight into white-label GPS tracking software and the top 10 software programs you must invest in.

What is White Label GPS Tracking Software?

White-label GPS tracking software allows businesses to provide their customers with fleet management and GPS tracking solutions. It offers a quick route into the market, flexibility in customization, and the chance to take advantage of an established, tested software program.

Why Invest in White-Label GPS Tracking Software?

There are various reasons why fleet management companies are investing in the best white-label GPS tracking software. Some of these are:

  • Cost Efficiency

It continues to be the primary deterrent for business owners against the franchising business model. Instead of working with a vendor or franchise, you usually keep a more significant portion of the money when you offer services under your brand. You also have more freedom to set your prices and offer discounts to your clients because you are not restricted to the vendor’s end-user prices.

  • Protecting Businesses

Another critical factor is that it shields enterprises from the acquisition of their clientele. Regrettably, franchising suppliers frequently switch from partner channels to direct sales, breaking previous contracts and hurting the companies that depended on them. You may guard against these kinds of client losses by offering services under your brand.

  • Brand administration

This is the third reason why white-label GPS fleet tracking software uses white-label platforms. Personalizing the product’s look and feel will ensure that your brand is accurately portrayed in line with your vision, eventually helping you achieve your desired goals.

  • Product adaptability

It entails having access to a large assortment of GPS gear and system interaction with other companies. You may personalize your consumers’ experience by offering them more specialized products if you don’t restrict yourself. Their demands will be satisfied more effectively as a result, helping you achieve your corporate goals.

List of Top 10 Best White Label GPS Tracking Software

1.Fleet Stack

With a one-touch installation setup, Fleet Stack is the most favoured white-label GPS tracking software. It is the most popular fleet management solution out of the top ten and includes a sophisticated GPS tracking application designed to make fleet management simpler. This program runs on its server. Fleet Stack is an easy-to-use system that ensures real-time asset monitoring while increasing operational efficiencies. It is intended for companies with significant automobile networks. 

The platform is highly adaptable, supports a wide range of sectors, and provides extensive insights to improve fleet performance. Take charge of your data, customize the application to meet your needs, and utilize state-of-the-art capabilities for optimized fleet operations.

Key Features

  • Geofencing

Modern technology like geofencing, which is included in White Label GPS tracking software, is changing how we perceive and use physical borders. This ground-breaking feature offers a dynamic and clever approach to location-based services, and it has enormous potential across a wide range of businesses.

  • Real-Time Tracking

White Label GPS software’s live tracking feature has completely changed how we manage and keep an eye on our assets, cars, and even people. This feature, which offers real-time location updates, brings a new level of safety, operational efficacy, and navigation.

  • Personalization

It offers unparalleled customization options. You can design a product that exactly fits your particular requirements, right down to personalized workflows, reporting, and user interfaces.


Open-source white-label GPS tracking software OpenGTS was created in Java and supports several popular GPS device protocols. It has many solid capabilities, including all relevant functionality, such as live tracking and GEO fencing. The software is renowned for its versatility, which allows for extensive customization to satisfy the particular needs of numerous industries, including fleet management and logistics, among others.

Key Features

  • Proficient Reporting

There are only so many Advanced Reporting features that work for every situation. Users are empowered to alter analytics according to their particular business requirements. You can customize reports to examine fuel use, driver behavior, or route economy.

  • Alerts for Maintenance

By utilizing predictive analytics, Maintenance Alerts go beyond conventional tracking techniques by detecting possible maintenance problems before they become more serious. Get alerts on time, enabling you to take preventative action against unplanned malfunctions.

  • Custom Geofencing

Under observation, users can erect virtual walls, or “geofences,” around their fleets. When a device enters or exits these designated zones, the system sends out warnings, which enable adequate tracking of mobility and utilization.

  • Detailed Reporting

OpenGTS’s extensive reporting options enable users to generate logs and analytics detailing their vehicles’ routes, stops, speeds, and other attributes in great detail. These insights have the potential to increase output and simplify procedures.

  1. Samsara

Samsara is a comprehensive fleet management software made to optimize fleet efficiency in transportation, construction, and logistics. In addition to GPS fleet tracking, it offers reporting, alerts, routing and dispatch, ELD compliance, driver behavior monitoring, and routing.

The software is designed to preserve productivity, safety, and compliance as top concerns while meeting the constantly evolving needs of modern fleets, from delivery services to logistics.

Key Features

Integration of Rest APIs

Fleet Stack’s Rest API Integration guarantees data flow. Thanks to the API, businesses can easily share information between Samsara and other systems, such as vehicle positions, route histories, or real-time warnings, by maintaining a synchronized and up-to-date dataset.

Artificial Intelligence-Powered Smart Routes

Route optimization is the process of choosing routes intelligently, taking into account factors like traffic, road closures, and real-time updates, rather than just mapping the shortest distance. This guarantees effective fleet navigation, saving you money on both time and resources.


The best part of investing in this white-label GPS fleet tracking software is that you can plan the repair by getting the update in real-time. With Samsara, this is feasible. You get instant access to your fleet’s health with Samsara. You know when to have your car serviced and when it requires maintenance.

  1. GPS Gateway

GPS is the leading company offering white-label GPS fleet tracking software. It provides white-label GPS software to logistics businesses and individuals looking to launch a new venture in the GPS monitoring sector. The program includes features such as live tracking, push notifications, multilingual support, and more. The GPS Gateway platform collaborates closely with all of the major GPS tracker producers. More than 1500 GPS trackers are supported via white-label server software.

Key Features

  • Features of Security

It is critical to guarantee fleet management software security in the age of digital connectivity. GPS Gateway goes above and beyond by incorporating robust security features that guard your information, provide safe access, and strengthen the ecosystem of fleet management against online attacks.

  • User-Friendly Interface

The first feature of GPS Gateway’s user-friendly interface is an easily navigable dashboard. Because the information is displayed in an organized and straightforward manner, fleet managers can swiftly and easily understand the state of their fleet at a glance. Key indicators, relevant data, and real-time insights are all centrally located on the dashboard.

  • Historical Data and Reports 

Access specific historical tracking data and generate comprehensive reports to examine trends and enhance operations.

  • Multi-Platform Support

GPS Gateway offers apps for iOS and Android smartphones, enabling access from any location at any time.

  1. Go Motive

GoMotive focuses on offering feature-oriented white-label GPS tracking software. Their primary offering is a complete telematics platform that enables companies and institutions to monitor the whereabouts and operational status of field workers, assets, and cars in real-time.

In the telematics, fleet management, and geo-tracking industries, they have quickly become the most talked about and reputable software brands thanks to their excellent accuracy, flawless UI/UX, and wide range of solutions.

Key Features

  • Maintenance Alerts: 

The software instantly notifies users when planned maintenance is necessary to keep logistic vehicles in optimal condition. By taking proactive measures, we can reduce downtime while maintaining tight performance and safety standards.

  • User-Friendly Interface: 

Motive has gained recognition in the trucking industry thanks to its user-friendly interface, which is easy to use for both administrators and drivers. Additionally, because it conforms with FMSCA requirements, it becomes a highly appealing option for many fleet owners.

  • Fuel Efficiency Monitoring: 

GoMotive monitors driving habits and vehicle utilization to help maximize fuel use. It offers suggestions for driving more fuel-efficiently, which could lead to lower gasoline costs.

  1. Digital Tracking

With more than decades in the industry, Digital Tracking has been helping fleet managers with quality products. Their main area of business is navigation and GPS. They provide GPS server services out of a separate wing.

Digital Tracking offers personal tracking solutions to the B2C market and a white-label GPS tracking system to B2B clients. The system received numerous awards and honors because of its business-friendly features and its exceptional support for fleet business in the US.

Key Features

  • Data Accuracy: 

Provides incredibly accurate data that sets a new standard for GPS tracking dependability.

  • Trip History: 

Provides comprehensive trip history for a thorough analysis and records all moves.

  • Real-Time Alerts: 

By using dependable services like Firebase, this platform gives users immediate push alerts.

  1. Traccar

One of the well-known white-label GPS fleet tracking software, Traccar, is a widely known product. They provide a variety of fleet management modules and solutions, such as digital tachograph solutions, driver behavior monitoring, asset tracking, and many others. Do they provide GPS tracking solutions under a white label? They do, of course. Regarding their fleet management solutions, they cater to a particular but devoted clientele.

Key Features

  • Multiple Language Support

The Multi-Language functionality of Traccar provides a wide range of language choices. Users can interact with the program in a way that feels comfortable and natural by selecting their chosen language from a variety of options.

  • Features of Security

It is critical to guarantee fleet management software security in the age of digital connectivity. Traccar goes above and beyond by incorporating robust security features that guard your information, provide safe access, and strengthen the ecosystem of fleet management against online attacks.

  • Motion Tracking

The platform offers insights into asset utilization and operational dynamics by determining the moving and stationary states of connected devices.

  1. Live View GPS

Live View GPS is a powerful and user-friendly white-label GPS tracking software designed for businesses looking to improve their fleet management. From real-time tracking to complete analytics, it emphasizes ease of use and comprehensive functionality.

LiveViewGPS helps fleet and logistics companies enhance profitability by reducing fuel expenses. When speeding and careless driving are reported, drivers are kept safer, and when timesheets are turned in, they are kept honest. Asset tracking lowers liability and theft risks, which reduces insurance costs. Logistics and fleet companies can improve customer support and save direct and indirect costs by using this software.

Key Features

  • Live Tracking: 

With a refresh rate of zero seconds, this real-time movement tracking feature instantly updates maps.

  • Map Integration: 

To accommodate the many needs of outdoor enthusiasts, the application seamlessly connects with a variety of maps, including topographic and satellite maps.

  • Notifications: 

Uses dependable services like Firebase to give users rapid push notifications.

  • Cloud storage: 

Utilises cloud computing to safely and conveniently store and retrieve data.

  1. GPS Canada Track

You can monitor and control the whole supply chain using this GPS Canada Track white-label GPS tracking software. You can track drivers, trucks, shipments, deliveries, orders, and more with GPS Canada Track. You can avoid logistical mistakes using its fast analytical tools. GPS Canada Track is the ideal tool if you want to enhance your supply chains.

Key Features

  • Live Tracking: 

This real-time movement tracking function updates maps instantly with a zero-second refresh rate.

  • Data Accuracy

Provides incredibly accurate data that sets a new standard for GPS tracking dependability.

  • Real-Time Alerts: 

By using dependable services like Firebase, this feature gives users immediate push alerts.

  1. Fleetio

Fleetio allows fleet managers to manage and track their vehicles using a single dashboard to manage work orders, inspections, PM schedules, parts inventory, and more. It gathers data from routine operations and transforms it into insightful knowledge that gives you the confidence to move your fleet forward.

A centralized mobile fleet management solution made to simplify your job can replace spreadsheets and paper. Using Fleetio, you can provide drivers, technicians, fleet managers, parts managers, and staff with the tools and data they require to optimize your fleet.

Key Features

  • One-Place Tracking

Keep track of everything, including crucial documents, notes, warranty information, loan/lease information, telemetry data, group and location, and reminders for license and registration renewals. The VIN decoder automatically pulls in over 90 vehicle specs.

  • Arrange and maximize the use of assets

Utilize your resources to the fullest. Gain insight into underutilized fleets while easily scheduling and assigning assets to drivers. To cut expenses, modify schedules appropriately, or get rid of any assets that aren’t being used.

  • Use your fuel card data

You can import transaction data right from your fleet fuel card to identify possible fuel theft indicators and track down vehicle filling locations.

What are the Customization Capabilities of White Label GPS Tracking Software?

One of the critical features of white-label GPS tracking software is its customization capabilities. By utilizing these features, service providers can give their customers a distinctive and customized GPS tracking solution. Some of these are- 

1. Customized Elements

With white-label solutions, service providers can choose and set up elements that are most important to their customers. You can provide a solution that is precisely what your target market wants and needs. Customization allows you to meet your client’s unique needs, whether they relate to sophisticated reporting tools, real-time notifications, or specialized analytics.

2. Brand Coordination

Your identity is embodied in your brand, and White Label GPS monitoring software supports you in upholding brand coherence. The software may be easily customized with your company’s color schemes, logos, and other branding components. This not only demonstrates your expertise but also upholds the respect and confidence that you have in your brand.

3. Customizing the User Interface

Any software’s user interface (UI) is an essential component. You may enhance the user experience and match the UI to your brand’s design characteristics using White Label solutions. Clients may find it simpler to explore and use the program more successfully with a recognizable, branded user interface.

4. Scalable Solutions

The needs of your customers expand along with your business. Scalability is a feature of White Label GPS monitoring software that makes it simple to grow your service portfolio. Regardless of the number of devices, clients, or data you need to handle, your solution can grow with your needs.

5. Instantaneous Updates

The GPS tracking and telematics sector is constantly changing. White Label GPS, a tracking software supplier, usually provides frequent upgrades and improvements to guarantee that your product stays state-of-the-art. This implies that without requiring your development work, your clients can take advantage of the newest features and enhancements.


To sum up, White-Label GPS tracking software is a popular option for service companies due to its many advantages. It is priceless to cut expenses, preserve brand continuity, and offer customized solutions. But it’s essential to consider the drawbacks and choose a White-Label supplier wisely so that it fits your business objectives.

Ready to improve the quality of your fleet tracking? Think about the benefits of White Label GPS tracking software and the possibilities it presents for the growth of your company. Choose the best fleet tracking system now!