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How to Transfer Eudora Email into Multiple Formats Step-by-Step Guide

If you are Eudora Mail you are facing many technical issues regarding Eudora. It is a pretty good email client that is used by many industries for their business communication. But, Qualcomm owns Eudora Mail and is responsible for its technical development and management has stopped their development plan and started sponsoring another development project regarding the development of Thunderbird. Because of this Eudora Mail users feel outdated and forced to switch to other options. For moving to other email clients users need to make their Eudora mailbox compatible with the chosen email client. In this blog, we discuss the easy method and solution for transfer Eudora email into multiple formats.

Eudora Mail uses the MBX file format which is modified MBOX and this MBX is not supported by any other email client. That what is creates compatible issues. However, Eudora doesn’t give any direct method or option to change their file format to another format. Many times users want a backup for Eudora mail they prefer PDF format or if they move to Outlook they must change to PST format.

Master Technique Migrate Eudora into Different Email Accounts 

For moving Eudora data into different email client accounts users need to change their Eudora data into the desired format that supports the selected email client or in other words users just change the file format to backup the Eudora mail for any future use. As we know, Eudora doesn’t offer any direct method. So, the best way to transfer Eudora email into multiple formats is to use a third-party tool that makes our task possible and fast. We would like to suggest using SysTools MBOX Converter.

Steps to use this tool

  • Download & install this tool on your computer.
  • Go to Add Folder > Choose Eudora from “Selected Email Application” > Select “Select the file/folder from file system” from given radio options. Click on the Next button.
  • Navigate & select the desired Eudora mailbox and click on the Process button. 
  • Now, choose the desired email that you want to convert and click on the Export button.
  • Tap on the desired export file options like HTML, PST, PDF, and many more from Export type according to your need > provide destination location click on the Export button. To start the process.

NOTE- There is Adv. a setting option that provides other multiple options that you can explore and it is the easiest way to Transfer Eudora Email into Multiple Formats

Feature of this tool

  • This tool is able to perform the conversion of MBOX, MBX, and MBX files efficiently.
  • It provides multiple export options like Convert MBOX to PST, HTML, EML, PDF, and many more.
  • Advance date range filters to remove unless data is during the conversion. Support large files with no file size limit.
  • Users can split the files into multiple files according to given size or it can merge files into a single one.

Manual Method Transfer Eudora Mail into Multiple Format

Eudora Mail doesn’t have any feature that converts their mailbox into other formats. But users can convert PDFs one by one to take backup.

Follow the given steps to convert it into PDF

  • Open the Eudora on your system.
  • Select the desired email > Go to File  > Choose Print option.
  • Tap the “Print to a File” or “Print One” options > hit the print button. 
  • Provide the desired name and location for the resultant file > Click on the Save Button 

This is method is not used to transfer Eudora email into multiple formats because it not offer export options.

Shortcomings of this method

  • This method is only able to give PDF file use and can not export in other options.
  • This is a very relative method and time-consuming method

Online Tool for Converting the File Format Migrate Eudora into Different Email Accounts 

This is the method used by a number of users to transfer Eudora email into multiple formats. but this online method is not considered a safe method because almost all the free online tools steal important information of users which is a violation of their privacy and it increases the risk of cyber attacks on the user’s financial assets. It also harms us personally because our email contains crucial data about our personal or business lives.

If any user wants to use this method then they would have to use multiple online converter tools which is also a challenging task. Many times, while using these methods, they corrupted our files and made them useless for future use. Even many professionals also recommend not to use these tools. If you are willing to use this method then take a backup of your data before using these methods.


We discuss the different methods and scenarios if users want to transfer Eudora email into multiple formats. We discuss the professional method as well as the manual method. However, these manual methods have their own limitations and serious data loss issues. However, if you are willing to migrate Eudora into different email accounts then the use of automated tools is considered to be the best and safest way.