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Two-day Bangalore to Mysore tour packages


Mysore, also known as the “City of Palaces,” is a popular tourist destination located about 150 km from Bangalore. The city is famous for its historical monuments, palaces, temples, and gardens. A two-day tour from Bangalore to Mysore is the perfect way to experience the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty of the region. The starting point of this trip will be Bangalore city. You can choose your mode of travel by either car/cab. The total distance of this tour would be 430 km, by visiting about 8 places in the span of 2 days (2 day package). The starting time for day one would usually be 7 am, and for day to would usually be 8.30 am. These various packages are known as the Mysore tour packages.

Tour of Mysore

Day 1:

The first day of the tour begins with a visit to the famous Mysore Palace, which is also known as the Amba Vilas Palace. This grand palace, built in the 14th century, is a perfect example of the architectural style of the Wodeyars, the royal family of Mysore. Visitors can admire the intricate carvings and beautiful paintings on the walls of the palace. It is one of the largest places in India and also among the greatest tourist attractions in Mysore. The duration of the time spent at this destination varies from about 1-2 hours. The entry for adults is a fee of Rs.40, while children below 10 can enter free of cost.

Next, the tour takes you to the Chamundi Hills, located on the outskirts of Mysore. The hill is famous for the Chamundeshwari Temple, dedicated to the patron goddess of the Wodeyars. Visitors can climb the 1,000 steps to reach the temple, which offers a panoramic view of the city. This temple is a Hindu and one of the major pilgrimage in Karnataka, and among the must-visit places as part of Mysore tour packages. This usually takes about 2 hours and requires no fee amount to entry.

After visiting the temple, the tour takes you to the Mysore Zoo, one of the oldest and most famous zoos in India. The zoo is home to a wide variety of animals, including tigers, lions, elephants, and leopards. Visitors can also enjoy a puppet show, which is a unique feature of the zoo. This is one of the most exciting spots for children in the mysore tour package.

In the evening, the tour takes you to the Brindavan Gardens, located at the base of the Krishnarajasagar Dam. The gardens are famous for their beautiful fountains, which are lit up at night, creating a spectacular display. Visitors can also enjoy a boat ride on the KRS Dam reservoir. This destination is usually visited for 2 hours and the fees ranges from Rs. 15 for Person, Rs. 50 for Camera & Rs. 15 for Boating.

Day 2:

The second day of the tour begins with a visit to the St. Philomena’s Church, an old historical church in Mysore. The church, built in the Gothic style, has beautiful stained-glass windows and a statue of St. Philomena, the patron saint of Mysore. In the Diocese of Mysore, India, St. Philomena’s Church is a Catholic church dedicated to St. Philomena that is situated 2.5 km from Mysore Railway Station and 1 km from KSRTC Bus Station. One of the best locations to visit in Mysore is this. 

It was built in 1956 in the Neo Gothic style, according to a design by the Reverend Rene Feuge, and was modeled after the German city of Cologne Cathedral. People who are amazed and interested in history would love this aspect of the Mysore tour package.

Next, the tour takes you to the Jaganmohan Palace, an art gallery and a cultural center. The palace, built in 1861, has a collection of paintings and other artifacts from the Wodeyar dynasty. Visitors can also enjoy a classical music and dance performance at the palace.

After visiting the palace, the tour takes you to the Mysore Silk Factory, where visitors can see the process of silk production and also buy silk products.

The tour ends with a visit to the Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary, located on the banks of the Kaveri River. The sanctuary is home to a wide variety of migratory and resident birds, including the painted stork, the openbill stork, and the Asian spoonbill. Visitors can take a boat ride to see the birds up close. This completes your 2 day package at Mysore.


A two-day tour from Bangalore to Mysore is the perfect way to experience the rich cultural heritage and natural beauty of the region. The tour takes visitors to some of the most famous tourist spots in Mysore, including the Mysore Palace, Chamundi Hills, Mysore Zoo, Brindavan Gardens, St. Philomena’s Church, Jaganmohan Palace, Mysore Silk Factory, and Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary. The tour offers a perfect blend of history, culture, and nature and leaves the visitors with a memorable experience.